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Tips For Surviving Long Flights

Just the mere thought of enduring long flights can be tiring, mainly because, they can be a bit uncomfortable. Whether its for 8 hours or 13 hours, one thing is constant, as a traveler, you need to get on a flight. At Wakanow, one of our goals is to ensure that you get adequate information about your travels, so here are tips for surviving long flights. These tips make the fights more bearable.

Book Tickets Early

Booking your tickets early give you the early bird advantage. You get to pick whatever spot suites you whether its the window seat or the seat closest to the aisle. Waiting until the last minute means that you get whatever is left of the seats and that might be quite uncomfortable. If you are a frequent traveler, this is the time to use your miles to your advantage. Everyone needs more leg room so use those miles to get an upgrade!

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Dress Comfortably

Traveling always requires dressing comfortably and long distance travels are not any different. Try wearing loose fitting outfits as these will keep you cozy during your flights. Similarly, your feet need a bit of freedom hence, shoes without laces are best for these trips. They are easy to slip on and slip off especially when your feet need some air during the long flights.

Get a Travel Pillow

Everyone needs a quality travel pillow as there’s no long flight without naps here and there. Its best to ensure you’re very comfortable while sleeping so invest in a good travel pillow. For more comfort and to sleep better, you can take a sleep mask and noise canceling earphones.

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Pack Snacks

Not everyone is a huge fan of in-fight food. What better way to satisfy your hunger than bringing your own food or snacks. When you’re feeling a bit peckish and there’s no crew member around, just whip out your snacks. Its important to pack snacks because in-flight foods aren’t usually served in large portions.

Choose the Right Kind of Food

Yes we know, sometimes, you have tempting food options on the in-flight menu but always choose the healthier option. You want to ensure that you don’t have to keep going to the loo because of a food choice you made. Try to eat light so its easier for your food to digest. Also, avoid taking alcohol on flights or take as little as you can to avoid visiting the loo too frequently. Opt for water to stay hydrated or calming teas.

Enjoy In – Flight Entertainment

One of the best ways to cope with long flights is to have enough entertainment to keep you company. Enjoy the movies and music you have at your disposal or you can even stock up on movies on your gadgets. This way, you have a variety of options when one gets a bit boring.

Pack Light

Do not stuff a lot of items into your carry-on bag because you need as much space as you can get. Trying to fit into the chair alongside a heavy bag will mainly be uncomfortable. You don’t want to have to put your bag under the chair in front of you to avoid bending every time you need something from it.

Get Up Frequently

Its important to get up at intervals to avoid blood clots. Sitting for too long can cause blood clots so its best to avoid. You need to keep the blood flowing so get up and walk around a bit/ Wearing compression socks can reduce any form of swelling.


Try to be at your calmest. Its important to relax because once you get off the plane, its back to the hustle and bustle so take all that free time to relax and recharge. Get enough sleep, read all you want or even binge watch your favorite shows.

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