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Tips for Group Travel

On paper, group travel may seem like great fun but in reality, its a different ball game entirely. Nothing will test your patience like travelling with a group of independent adults or even children. Without proper planning, you could spend the entire vacation arguing about tasks, finding hotels and even about the prices for things. With the right tips, your group vacations will be easier to plan and enjoy.

Find a Leader

A leader helps the group stay organized and carry out all pre-planned activities. Its easier for everyone to be more orderly when there’s someone in a position of authority albeit, small. Ensure that there’s a sort of a leader that is accountable for all those going on the trip. This is especially because you don’t want to lose anyone whilst enjoying fun activities.

Assign roles

Do not over burden yourself with the tasks you have to plan. Assign roles to different members of the group so that as the leader you can be more effective in your own role as the leader. Also, the more roles you assign to the group members, the more you’re able to get done. Easy peasy!

Stick to a budget

This can be a bit hard, but it is necessary and probably one of the most important things to do when planning a trip. When booking tickets, check if they offer discounts for group travels. Instead of booking hotels, book resorts or even a house. Try as much as possible to go for things that suit your group so you don’t end up spending money on less important things.

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Planning can be a little stressful to do, but you’ll thank your stars for it. Try to map out achievable plans. Thinking of doing too many things at a time can end up with you not doing anything at all. Plan every little detail : from your airport to hotel trip, activities to partake in, restaurants to eat in and so on. Plan, a lot.

Pro tip: For group travels, always make sure to send in your reservations at restaurants you wish to eat at.


The need for this cannot be overemphasized. Ask about the interests of those in the group and activities they would like to try out. This can help you group people with similar interests together especially at times that you need to split up the group. Carry your group members along when making major decisions. You can even make it a democratic process by asking them to vote when you get a bit confused.

Outsource to a travel agency

Travelling with a group can be a lot but if you’re not willing to go through the whole planning process you can always outsource it. At Wakanow, we plan your trips from start to finish so you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding the perfect city and activities for you and your loved ones.

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