Whether you are moving to a new country/city solo or with partners, you can agree with us that it is as exciting as it is overwhelming. People move for many reasons and moving around is an important part of human life. Whatever your reason for moving, one thing that should constantly be top of mind for you, is creating an easy transition process. Change can be a bit hard, so creating a process to help you ease into your new life faster is one way to make things easier. As you already know, Wakanow is always looking for ways to make transit easier for you. You can find other tips here although here are tips on settling in a city:


Planning is a major part of moving. Planning every step of the way will help make the process a lot easier. This is not to say there can’t be hiccups but better safe than sorry. One of the cons of planning is that you might find things to make your trip as seamless as possible.

Stay Open-Minded

Whilst moving, it is essential that you remain open- minded. Understand that things would not necessarily be the same as you’re used to, as it is very likely that things are done a bit differently. Be sure turn up your flexibility a notch. You’re going to need it.

Embrace Change

Embrace change and understand that this is a new phase (temporary or not). Do not be too hard on yourself and take your time to observe any cultural differences. Work around it because your ability to adjust quickly would help you a lot. 

Ask Questions

Asking the right questions especially from residents of the city will help make your acclimatization a lot faster. Asking for pointers from people would help you know where to go and where to avoid. Try to make friends from work, using apps or even at cafes. Build your own community or join one as this would help make things easier.

Find the Essentials

It’s important for you to locate every essential store you might need. Find the market, grocery stores, gyms, bus stations, hospitals and so on. This would help you get familiar with your surroundings. 

Enjoy the Experience

Lastly, enjoy the experience. This might seem hard but its your best bet. There aren’t a lot of times you get to be a newbie, so take some time to appreciate and enjoy the entire experience.

Good luck!

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