Christmas season is here again and our list of top five things to do with family and friends this Christmas offer the perfect reason to explore some fun with family and friends. It’s not too early to start planning your own Christmas bucket list of things to do this holiday season to make it fun and memorable.

Throw a House Party

A happy group of young adults at a house party

Christmas times are happy times. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to throw a house party? Invite your family and friends over for a good time. It could be the best homecoming memories ever. Try it.

See a Movie

Empty red cinema seats with a bowl of popcorn

The Christmas break is long and there’s often a lot to munch. You can amp up the fun by seeing a movie. Hop into any cinema close to you to have a feel of the latest blockbuster movies in town just be sure to get to the cinemas on time because it can be very crowdy. If you want, you can create a mini cinema for Christmas movies in your living room. Whatever you do, just be sure to never watch alone 😉

A Christmas Getaway

A young family of three at the departure lounge of an airport

Christmas season is a great time to unwind. Why not plan to take a vacation? Explore other worlds this yuletide and spend memorable time with your family? You’ll find out that family vacations are not as expensive as they often seem. You can thank us later.

Plan a Picnic

A Black family having a picnic

Avoid the boredom of sitting home all day with some fun activities. Consider picnicking with a few friends and family. You can start the day by exploring artefacts in the local museum, followed by a quick visit to the zoo, and later head to a nearby eatery for a decent Christmas lunch.

Go Shopping

A young couple and their daughter grocery shopping in the mall during Christmas season

With stores and mega shops bustling with yuletide goodies, there’s so much to buy during Christmas holidays. So, make out some time – well … and some money, too – for shopping. Feed your eyes and baskets to your heart’s content and enjoy great discounts for every purchase. 

Surely, there can be no dull moment this Christmas season. So, plan to make this a 3F holiday – all for family, friends, and fun. Click here for amazing Christmas holiday options.

Merry Christmas in advance!


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