Most anticipated movies of 2017

Top 6 Movies Coming to Your Cinema Soon

Seeing your much-awaited movies in a dark-lit cinema with some popcorn and ice-cold refreshment is such a great experience. It’s even magical when bae is by your side, as you both banter and giggle right before the big screen.

But it makes a lot more sense knowing when a new movie would be hitting the cinemas so you can plan ahead. So we have done the needful and handpicked some of the best movies set to land in your nearest cinemas soon.


Most anticipated movies of 2017

This Marvel’s third Thor movie is not only loaded with trademark humor, it is so visually striking and refreshingly different compared to other films within the stable of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Caged on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer, Thor attempts to halt the destruction of his land of birth and save the Asgardian civilization from the ruthless Hela. First, Thor must survive a deadly contest against his old ally, the Incredible Hulk!

Category: Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, 3D, Blockbuster


Most anticipated movies of 2017

​Our​ entire planet, and everything in it, is about to be wiped away by a series of natural disasters. Despite efforts by world leaders to save the earth, the same system created to protect the Earth now appears to be facilitating its demise and a geostorm threatens to wipe out everything.

Category: Thriller, Science Fiction, Action

The Greatest Showman

Most anticipated movies of 2017

Love musicals? Get ready to be blown away by this spectacular story of a visionary who rose from ground zero to a global phenomenon.

Come December 29 this year, this sensational story, inspired by P.T. Barnum, will hit cinemas near you, and you can’t afford to get the second hand tales on it.  Sounds like a great way to end the year? Get ready for it!

Category: Musical, Drama, Biography

Murder on the Orient Express

Most anticipated movies of 2017

Inspired by a novel by Agatha Christie of the same title, Murder on the Orient Express tells a captivating story of how a lavish train ride from Jerusalem to Europe unfolds into one of the most eerily captivating mysteries throughout history. One man has to race against the clock to unravel this mystery before the killer strikes again.

Category: Thriller, Drama, Suspense

The Foreigner

Most anticipated movies of 2017

On December 27, Jackie Chan returns in this suspense-filled story of a modest businessman in search of justice for his daughter who is killed by terrorists. The Foreigner finds himself in a cat-and-mouse battle with a government official whose own past could offer hints to the identities of the assassins.

Category: Action, Mystery, Suspense, Adventure

Black Panther

Most anticipated movies of 2017

February 2018 may seem like a long time, but this Marvel’s most ambitious movie is worth the wait.

After the death of the King of Wakanda, his son, T’Challa returns to the lonely African nation to assume his role as the new king. An old enemy resurfaced and T’Challa is forced into a conflict, hanging the fate of the world on a balance.

Category: Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure, Drama

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  1. Thor 3D is def the real deal…Actually fell in love with firsts time I saw the trailer.

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