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Top Travel Destinations In 2023 (I)

A new year is always a good time to plan your travels however you want. This year, to achieve your travel goals a lot easier, you need to plan ahead. This helps you get the best deals, especially on Wakanow and you can sort out your itinerary without rush. Here’s part1 of the top ten (10) travel destinations for you to explore in 2023:


Looking for a cost effective alternative to Dubai? Then Egypt is the destination for you. Every city in Egypt offers you something different, that affords you the opportunity to create treasured memories. From Cairo to Sharm – El – Sheikh, Egypt’s rich history is bound to fascinate you

Visa: Egyptian (Egypt embassy)
Popular cities: Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor & Sharm El Sheikh
Currency: Egyptian Pounds
Climate: There are two seasons in Egypt: mild winter ( Nov – April) and a hot summer (May – Oct)
Languages Spoken: Arabic


This gorgeous European country is every food lover’s dream. The scenic views and affordable accommodations make it an amazing destination (especially for young travelers). Whether you opt for an energetic city like Madrid or a laid back one like Cordoba, you’re bound to have the time of your life.  It is also the perfect place for party lovers as different cities cater to all your party needs. Everything you need to make your trip amazing is available in Spain: Party, Food, Art, Culture and lots more.

Visa: Schengen
Currency: Euro
Popular Cities: Madrid, Barcelona & Valencia.
Climate: Spain’s climate is very diverse. Its climatic zones can be divided into 3: Oceanic, Mediterranean & Continental. The coldest months in the year are from December – February
Languages Spoken: Spanish


Singapore is probably the most dreamy location on this list. With lots of hidden gems and the Universal studios, there’s a ton of things to explore. A major thing to enjoy in Singapore is the food culture: whether street food or high-end Michelin starred restaurants, you can’t run out of things to try.

Visa: Singaporean visa (E- visa or submit to an embassy)
Popular Cities: Singapore
Currency: Singapore Dollar
Climate: Singapore’s climate is majorly two seasons: Wet (Sept – Feb)  and Dry season (Mar- Aug). 
Languages Spoken: Mandarin, Tamil, Malay & English


This North African country is an amazing destination for travelers that are intrigued by culture. Morocco is incredibly diverse and full of ancient cities that are warm and welcoming to tourists. You have a lot of cities to explore and things to do if you choose to visit.

Visa: Moroccan visa (Visit the embassy)
Popular Cities: Fez, Marrakech & Casablanca
Currency: Moroccan Dirham
Climate: Tropical. To avoid the heat, the best time to visit is between April – May / September – November
Languages Spoken: Arabic and French.


This country is a gorgeous middle eastern country with scenic views and exciting activities. It is often called the most diverse country in the Middle East. Its rich history and heritage is something tourists can’t fully explore in a short while.

Visa: Visa on arrival (E- Visa)
Popular Cities: Beirut, Tripoli & Byblos
Currency: Lebanese Pound / Lira.
Climate: Lebanon has a Mediterranean-type climate. Hot and dry summers (June to September) and cool and rainy winters (December to mid-March) Languages Spoken: Arabic, English & French.


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