2017 is slowly coming to an end, but it’s not too late to make an exciting to do list and tick off things you always wanted to try.

Here’s a rundown of our ultimate experiences to try before 2017 ends.

Target Practice

One of the best ways to release all the stress of 2017, is by aiming for the bulls eye at a shooting range. Make this part of your The Ultimate End of Year To Do List and who knows, you just might be the next James Bond!

The Ultimate End of Year To Do List

Own The Skies

The Ultimate End of Year To Do List


With this 1783 invention it is possible to be up close and personal with some of the most magnificent scenic landscapes. Imagine being suspended in the air with a bottle of wine and that  special someone, perfect mix to make the best memories.

Off Road Adventures

The Ultimate End of Year To Do List

Source: CrazyStag

The triple threat – Dirt, Drive and Danger is what describes Quad Biking. Rip through the dirt track with just your handlebars and a huge dose of adrenaline. This action packed activity filled with mud and sweat is available in Casa Del Papa.

Swim With The Fishes

 Swim With The Fishes

Scuba diving is perfect for all those who want to see and swim with the world under water . Under the sea, the perfect way to describe this once in a lifetime experience.

Dance At The Calabar Festival

The Ultimate End of Year To Do List

Source: Calabar Festival

Carnival Calabar Festival is known as ‘Africa’s Biggest Street Party’. End the year partying like a rock star and cross one more thing off your to do list while you’re at it.

Is there anything that you’ll love to add to the to do list? Let us know, drop a comment.

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