Russia is what’s on everybody’s lips, seeing as the world cup is fast approaching. The buzz of this undeniable life-changing event is what will kickstart Summer 2018.

This magnificent country is the home to dynamic cities. Here’s our list of unforgettable experiences to take part in outside the Stadium.

A Visit to Star City


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To experience weightlessness in Russia, take a trip to the outskirts of Moscow, Star City. The cosmonaut training centre,  visitors are allowed to experience the Soviet military facility in full force. For a certain amount experience life-size replicas of the Mir Space Station. For an upscale version of the experience, the zero-gravity flight is available.

Vodka Museum


When you think about Russia the first thing that comes to mind is vodka. It’s a popular symbol of this great nation, so it makes sense there’s an actual museum dedicated to it. It is used as a part of celebrations- weddings, naming ceremony, funerals and so much more.  It reveals the origin and history of vodka all the way from the 14th century. For vodka lovers, you even get to taste the Soviet vodka.

Lake Baikal

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For all nature lovers, Lake Baikal is a perfect choice- 25 million years old, more than 5,500 feet deep and the oldest lake. The best part, it has a year-round natural beauty.  Even in the winter time, there’s an ice sculpture contest.

Volga Cruise

Volga Cruise wakanow

Transport yourself to another realm on Europe’s longest and largest river. Enjoy the sounds of exciting music playing almost all day on the top decks. During the day visit enchanting cities along the way while at night it travels faster. This is a good way to experience Russia in all its glory.

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

This museum has a broad selection of Europe’s finest works. It’s popularly known as Moscow’s premier foreign-art museum. Selections include pieces from ancient civilizations, Italian Renaissance and Dutch Golden age.

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