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Research shows that a good number of people download mobile application on their phones every day, this simply shows you how much mobile internet usage surpasses the use of desktop. There significantly more users of the web accessing the internet from their mobile phones, phablets and tablets compared to that of a desktop, With these smart access to the internet, the users of the web conveniently carry out transactions, such as payment of bills and visit eCommerce websites too. Having this in mind, is happy to announce the launch of her Mobile App now available for Android users on Google Play Store. The application is easy to use and in line with our objectives, affords users the best of travel deals in flights and hotels. Now you get to enjoy our seamless online service with easy and affordable travel deals.

The Wakanow mobile app provides you with on the go booking for flights, hotels, visa assistance, holiday packages, airport transfers, an international travel SIM and more. With the Wakanow app, you get to make choice from a broad selection of top travel deals. Who says it’s not convenient to book your domestic and international travel from the comfort of your home? The Wakanow app offers you much more. Our strategic relationships with Travel Partners ensure we offer the best travel deals right at your fingertips.  So whether you are going for a romantic trip at or going shopping in Dubai, the Wakanow app is your best vacation guide.

For convenient 24hr Travel booking, DOWNLOAD NOW on Google Play Store Here

Travel at your Fingertips!

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