“Oh Lord! However, am I going to make it to Buchi’s graduation?!”

This thought has been running around my head all day, I’m close to going crazy! When my husband and I decided to send our only son to London for his Master’s degree two years ago, we did not envisage ever facing financial difficulties, much less not having money to afford just plane tickets! But then tragedy struck and my husband lost his job, we were lucky to have paid all his school fees upfront otherwise Buchi would have had to drop out. Getting by with a family of 5 other girls all in school plus a husband who’d lost his job on this my paltry salary is proving to be a very tall order indeed.

I banged my desk in frustration attracting the attention of my co-worker down the hall, that one quickly looked away when she saw the killer look in my eyes. I had to somehow come up with the N250,000 flight fare in less than 6 months else my son and I would miss the graduation.

“Where do I even begin?” I wailed silently, tears coursing down the length of my worry streaked face.


Are you like Buchi’s mother? Do you have a need to travel and cannot afford the flight fare? Do you desire to explore the world but have limited funds to do so? Do you struggle with several other bills and can’t pay for a trip all at once but really want to travel?

Worry not; your problems have been solved!

How? You might ask, well, we are here to tell you.

Paying huge sums of money at once when travelling can be excruciating so we have devised a means to let you make your travel payments in instalments!

Welcome, the Pay Small Small (PSS) payment option. Pay Small Small lets you put down a down payment and decide how you wish to spread out paying the balance. The Pay Small Small option will only be available to customers who book in advance AT LEAST one week prior to departure.

To qualify for the Pay Small Small option, simply register here and start booking your cheap flights and cheap hotels anywhere! This has never been done anywhere before! Take advantage of this great opportunity and start making your travel bookings at least a month ahead! Not only do you save on over 150% of flight fares increase, you also get to PSS!

PSS! Your sure way to travel bliss.

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  1. mrs adetutu olugbenga September 26, 2012 at 5:10 am Reply

    dis is a brilliant idea, but are there no hidden charges somewhere. Weldone!

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