Wakanow Launches Auto-ticketing!


So the other day I needed to travel urgently to Abuja for a meeting. It was a do or die affair and extremely important that I make that meeting. The meeting was for 5pm and it was already 2pm and I was still in Lagos. I considered dashing to the airport to purchase an Arik flight ticket over the counter but I didn’t want to take the chance of getting there and finding out that the seats on the 3.45pm flight were sold out or even being to late for check in.

I quickly caught a cab nonetheless and ordered the driver to race me to the airport at top speed. While he was maneuvering the slight traffic of third mainland bridge, I quickly brought out my phone and went on Wakanow.com. I searched for Lag – Abj flights and fortunately I saw one for 3.45pm just as I intended. I quickly booked and paid with my MasterCard…*beep beep* my Blackberry email alert went off instantly…

It was unbelievable! My ticket was in my inbox! Thanks to Wakanow, the day was saved and I didn’t have to waste any time queuing at the airport and somehow missing my flight!

YES! Wakanow has just launched the auto-ticketing feature! Book your flights and have your ticket emailed to you INSTANTLY!

Wakanow is the first to launch the auto-ticketing feature because we want to make travelling as seamless as possible for you our dear customers.

Skip the rush of queuing for tickets or spending hours waiting for your ticket. With the auto-ticketing feature, you can book flights, pay as you go and receive your tickets immediately, no stress! Travelling never seemed easier.

Now You Can Get Your Tickets On The Go As Wakanow Launches Autoticketing!

  • Book your flights safely and conveniently
  • Pay for your tickets anywhere and anytime
  • Book from your mobile phones, tablets or computers
  • Pay with your Visa Card, Interswitch or Mastercard
  • Get your tickets emailed to you INSTANTLY!

What are you waiting for?! Book cheap domestic and international flights to anywhere in the world and get your tickets delivered immediately.

Life’s waiting…let us help you discover it!

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