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Wakanow Local Packages

Thinking of exciting stuff to do in Lagos? Or do you need to dedicate sometime to having fun? Look no further, Wakanow has got you! We have an amazing array of local packages for everyone, so you’ll find one that suits you. Local packages have a way of intimating you with more information about country. Often times, the hustle and bustle of our everyday life overshadows, how much fun we can actually have in the city we live in. This month, we have curated local packages with exciting activities just for you: Lagos tour, Omu resort, Abeokuta day trip and Lagos boat cruise.

Lagos Tour

This tour is great for people who want to see a few interesting places in Lagos. The package includes meals during the day and visits to a museum, an art gallery and more. All you need to do is book a slot and voila! You get to see Lagos for what it is and have fun while at it.

Omu Resort

Easter season is a time for celebration and the Saturday in between can be a bit of a bore. What better way to celebrate than ensuring you have a great time with us at Omu resort. Road trips come with all sorts of excitement, so you can enjoy the commute to and from the resort. At the resort, go quad biking and enjoy other thrilling activities.

Boat Cruise

A boat cruise on Lagos waters? Yes, please! This is a perfect way to see Lagos in another way and get to network with other individuals. Book a slot to secure a space.

Abeokuta Day Trip

This is another exciting trip to a neighboring state – Ogun. If you haven’t travelled via train, this is an opportunity to do so. You get to explore Olumo rock, adire market and many more.

Book a slot in any of our local packages and you get to enjoy unlimited fun with us.

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