The summer holidays are fast approaching and the hardest part of this, is figuring out where to visit. Picking out a travel destination especially for summer can be a bit tricky. Which is why we’ve helped to take the hassle off you, by providing a list of some of Wakanow’s summer holiday packages. They have been carefully curated to ensure that you find the perfect destination just for you. Make this summer an unforgettable one with Wakanow.

Let’s get to it!


Beautiful beaches, skyscrapers and lots of sunshine define summer and that is just what Dubai offers. It is no surprise why it is a top summer destination for travelers. The city prepares greatly for summer with amazing discount deals on flights, hotels and even activities to indulge in. If you’ve got kids, it is even more perfect because there are tons of things to keep your little one(s) occupied. Dine in world class eateries, shop at the souks and enjoy exciting activities for both children and adults.

15 amazing facts about Burj Al Arab - Jumeirah


Although, located in the Middle east, its Mediterranean influence cannot be ignored. A gorgeous country with some of the most beautiful cities, Lebanon is an amazing summer vacation spot. This country is perfect for travelers that enjoy vibrant cultures, rich histories, nightlife, shopping and trying out different meals.

Beirut, Lebanon | Líbano


Kenya’s second largest city and a true cultural melting point because of the Asian and middle Eastern influences. Mombasa‘s tropical weather is one of the reasons why travelers enjoy a vacation there. For the travelers who love architecture and history, Mombasa is a great holiday destination to explore.

42 Mombasa, Kenya. ideas | mombasa, kenya, mombasa kenya


Exploring Jordan this summer, means that you get to participate in Jordan’s rich culture and get a peep into regular Jordanian life. Visit the Dead sea which is so the lowest point on earth, Wadi rum that bears an uncanny resemblance to Mars and even learn a bit of history. Add a bit of warmth to your vacation when you sit and dine with locals. We’ve got you!

Jordan | Countries to visit, Jordan travel, Trip


Popularly called a land of a thousand hills because of its scenery is and emerging holiday destination. A perk to this is that, you can get luxury at more affordable rates. Rwanda is equally as clean as it is safe so you have no worries. Its fascinating history, interesting wildlife and amazing art scene are some of the few reasons why travelers love to visit.

See Photos Of Rwanda's Capital, Kigali, The Said Most Beautiful City In  Africa - Travel - Nigeria


This country is a perfect destination for honeymooners. Its endless beaches with crystal clear waters and bars would easily have anyone impressed. Mauritius’ culture is influences by French, Asian and African cultures, so you know you’re in for a treat when it comes to the cuisine. The best way to enjoy this island country is to go island hopping to get the full Mauritian experience.

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