Wakanow Travel Fest: The Showdown

Imagine getting incredible travel deals for an entire month? Amazing right? This is what you get with Wakanow Travel Fest: The showdown. To celebrate Black Friday, we are offering you exciting deals DAILY! 

What this simply means is that everyday in the month of November, you get deals on various destinations. To partake in the Showdown, you need to stay glued to Wakanow’s social media platforms so as not to miss deals. You get to teat yourself to trips and vacations without breaking the bank.

The promo code, SHOWDOWN is what enables the use of the Everyday in the month of November, you get to enjoy daily unbeatable deals from Wakanow.

To use the promo code, you have to check Wakanow’s social media platforms to be sure of the destinations and when the deals go live. As soon as the deals go live, proceed to the website to book tickets. On the final page, you’ll see a slot for inputting discount codes. Put in “SHOWDOWN” and voila! Your booking should reflect the discount if the deal is still valid. Kindly note that travel date has to be in November unless stated otherwise.

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