Black Friday originally started in the United States of America in celebration of thanksgiving. This tradition has now been adapted all over the world, and has become a tradition where companies ensure that their customers get the best discounted prices.

The most anticipated Travel sale is here, Wakanow Travel Fest ‘The Vengeance’. We’re offering giving you the best deals you can find. You do not need break your back to travel to that city of your choice. Wakanow Travel Fest offers the biggest discounted travel deals across all our products and services: flights, hotels, travel packages amongst other services. Unbeatable prices that will blow your mind!!!

We will be bringing you great deals kicking off from the 20th of October. These deals gives you a chance to strike off places from your bucket list. As always, we ensure your travel is hitch free and truly relaxing. Don`t get left behind, get a chance to plan a trip and save more this period. Take advantage of our exceptionally low deals and treat yourself.

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