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Top 5 Holiday Destinations in Africa

Top 5 Holiday Destinations in Africa – 2015

[dropcap text_color=”” background_color=””]W[/dropcap]hen you want the best place to vacation, hard and fast rules don’t apply. But if you’re looking for some of the best holiday destinations to explore in Africa, here are the 5 places that you do not want to miss out. Fetch your diary and add these beautiful spots to your bucket list. This article is part of a series. See also the Top 5 Holiday Destinations in Asia, Europe, South America and North America.

  1. Cape Town, South Africa

Right on the southern edge of the African continent is Cape Town, home to many things white – Caucasians, white sharks, and of course, white sandy beaches.

Though Cape Town is South Africa’s second-largest city, we know dozens of spots where you can find time to be alone with yourself or loved ones – including dolphins and whales just off the coast of the Mother City. A night visit to Victoria & Alfred Waterfront can reward you with a view to kill for; while the [highlight color=”yellow” text_color=”” background_color=”” background_opacity=”1.00″] Table Mountain Aerial Cableway [/highlight] lets you catch a view of the whole city in one gaze. There’s no point vacationing to Cape Town if you won’t be going to the beach. Diaz and Boulder’s beaches give enough fun to satisfy your swimming fantasies. And at Two Oceans Aquarium, you can safely play with sharks without getting wet. Visit Cape Town.

  1. Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya is perhaps the biggest tourist destination in Africa, and we have a good idea of many places you can visit. Housing lions, zebras and giraffes, you can enjoy one of the world’s finest safari experiences at Nairobi National Park. Continue to the Giraffe Center and the Karen Blixen Museum.

Nairobi is quite a distance away from the nearest beach in Kenya, but once you’re willing to let go of the resistance, beaches – Diani, Nyali, Gazi (no, not Gaza and perfect for privacy). Better still leave the cars behind and take a hike on donkey backs to Lamu – no cars allowed zone. Kenya has enough options to spoil you and loved ones, from beach resorts to beauty spas and luxury hotels. Absolutely worth the travel if you asked us. Visit Nairobi.

  1. Seychelles

Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 Islands, is a perfect spot for a vacation whether you’re travelling along with a group of old-time friends or you are a newly wedded couple. Just miles off the shores of East Africa, Seychelles offers amazing scenery, virtually endless diving opportunities, as well as a plethora of sea life to enjoy your adventures with.

Places to visit in Seychelles include Cousin Island, Aride Island and Dauban Mausoleum. After visiting Seychelles, you might want to drop by at nearby Mauritius and Reunion, to start another page of your adventure. Visit Seychelles

  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

As you touch down on Zanzibar, it becomes obvious why this little island is arguably the number 1 honeymoon spot for newlyweds across Africa and the globe. Warmly refreshing climate, the finest beaches, the clearest of waters, and numerous options of A-list hotels, few other places on the of face of the earth can tick all the right boxes like this one.

Zanzibar is an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania. Enjoy your stay; boat rock on Pemba Island, take selfies with minarets behind you, learn some Swahili and have fun getting lost on Stone Island. Visit Zanzibar

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe; Livingstone, Zambia

Take a walk through the meandering paths of the Victoria Falls National Park and end up with a scenic view of the largest Waterfall in the world, with a skyscraper-size rainbow right in front of you and thundering earth movements beneath your feet. Now that’s the view (and feel) if you started your journey from Zimbabwe (where about three-fourths of the waterfall lies.) Now take another short walk to nearby Livingstone, Zambia just across the border to get another breath-taking view of this 5,000-foot gap in the earth from another country.

When is the best time to visit Victoria Falls, Livingstone? July/August and January/February, please. There are dozens of hotels to host you on both sides of the divide should you choose to stay. Sometime after your Victoria Falls trip, take a visit Niagara Falls on your way back to New York from Canada, and see if you experience a déjà vu. Visit Zambia

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