We know it’s a common traveller’s confusion that travel insurance always seems like extra expenses when booking a trip. Be it for leisure, pleasure or business, it’s highly recommended you always get one before you set out on any trip. 

I remember my uncle, Bob who learned about travel insurance the hard way after losing his passport in Guangzhou, China during a business trip. I won’t go much talking about his ordeal, it wasn’t pleasant. However, here is some free advice – don’t be like Uncle Bob.

Travel insurance

Here are some things you need to know about travel insurance:

When you need to cancel your trip.

For any reason, you might just want to cancel your trip long after booking. Most airlines will only refund a percentage of the original amount paid for the trip. With travel insurance, you’ve got less to worry about, because you’ll get a full refund (Initial amount paid minus zero).

Flight cancellation

Travel insurance
Source: South China Morning Post

We’ve got nothing on the weather and its not our friend either. Anything can result to a flight being grounded and the trip cancelled. 
With travel insurance, you’ve got money for another flight and hotel reservation. Easy!

Should you get sick or injured during a trip

You get a high fever or food poisoned and in need of emergency health care during a trip. Hospital bills in a foreign country could cost more for you and you would definitely want to avoid paying from your pockets, most likely from the money reserved for shopping and visiting all the fun places in the city. Supposing you are in a place with a language barrier, travel insurance makes it within your reach to employ the services of a translator.

Delayed or Lost Baggage

Source: Orbitz

How about you book a business trip and you are the keynote speaker at an international conference, however, the airlines make a mistake and your luggage is delayed?

The insurance covers you get a new suit just in time for your speech at the conference and have your luggage delivered. In cases of lost luggage, you get reimbursed. 

You lose your passport

Travel insurance

Only a few things beat losing your passport during a trip. Insurance coverage helps quicken a recovery process at the embassy with payments too. 

Unrest at your destination

Travel insurance

Supposing there was a natural disaster, political unrest or terrorist attack at your choice destination for a holiday just after you’ve made all reservations with full payments. A call through to your insurance reps is just all you need to receive a total refund.

Wakanow has a comprehensive travel insurance plan that takes care of all the listed risks above even more and it is also extremely affordable. Book the cheapest flight deals on Wakanow today and enjoy the smartest insurance cover in the travel market.

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