5 Things to Do This Valentine

Valentine’s day is a few weeks away, and it is possible that you’re wondering what to do to make this day special for your loved ones. First tip is, when trying to make the day very memorable, you have to avoid the rush that comes with last minute plans. Thinking of what to do in this valentine? You’re in luck, because we have a list of things you can get up to with your favorite person(s) without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

Enjoy a Weekend Staycation

A weekend away from the hustle and bustle? Yes please. This is such a great option because it feels like you’re far from home even when you are not. Its another way to ensure that you and your friend/lover get enough time to recharge. Don’t forget to splurge on a breakfast in bed. Find hotels now on Wakanow.

Write a Romantic Letter

Add a nice twist to your valentine plans by writing your lover a sweet romantic letter. It could be about anything: a favorite memory, what they mean to you or simply reminding them of how you met. This exciting exercise will definitely have you or your lover feeling pleased.

Marathon Movie Sessions

Thinking of something very relaxed to do? Try marathon movie sessions with your lovers or friends. Enjoy some quality relaxation with some of your best romcoms and spend the entire day binging them. All you need to do is get some popcorn, stay on the couch, get cozy and have the best time.

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Set up a Nice Scavenger Hunt

Staying indoors doesn’t have to be boring. Playing games is a nice way to brighten the mood and get your lover to loosen up. Set up a terrific scavenger hunt if you’re in need of something exciting. This can serve as a great form of entertainment and can go on for a long period of time.

Go on a Nice Date

Dates are always a good option, so when all fails, you can fall back on this. There are various kinds of dates to explore: a picnic date, breakfast date, dinner date and many more. Planning for a date can be super fun especially if you include your lover in the entire planning process. Not sure of places to explore? You can start here.

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