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6 Fun Things to Do this Ramadan Holiday

The long awaited Ramadan holiday is here and you are probably still unsure about what to do to pass time in order to fully enjoy your holiday. Its okay if you don’t have any fun plans yet, we’ve got your back! Here are 6 fun things to do this Ramadan holiday to make your long weekend as memorable as possible. 

Visit the beach

Lagos’ waterfronts are some of the most endearing things about the city. Enjoy sometime at the beach by dipping your feet in the waters. If you are trying to avoid the crowd, you can choose to visit the private beaches. Be sure to go with some cash as you’d be required to pay entrance fees.

Plan a hang out with friends

What better way to spend the long weekend than with loved ones and friends? You can make this holiday by visiting loved ones. Simply book all your tickets on Wakanow. Plan a hang out session involving board games, foods and drinks. You can even go all the way and delve into a nice karaoke session of old songs. Let everyone take turns in singing with the microphone while the rest of the crew join in.

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Try Cooking

Cooking something new is always exciting. During this long weekend, try your hands out at making a new dish. For more fun, you can have a friend over and do a fun mini competition of what tastes better. This simple exercise is such a fun way to enjoy this holiday.

Go watch a movie

Cinemas offer a different experience so ditch Netflix this time and watch any movie of your choice. Take some time out to visit the nearest cinema to you. You can choose to go alone or with bunch of friends.

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Sleep in

This is the best time to get some sleep especially if you feel like you’ve been denying yourself some good snooze. Getting enough sleep will keep you relaxed and recharged. Turn off your alarms, snuggle up and stay in bed longer. No guilt!

Catch up on shows

No better time to catch up on your favorite shows than a long weekend. Spend lots of time binging all the shows you have missed out on and even start new ones. This is a lazy but fun way to spend your long weekend.

Cheers to the long weekend! Have a great one!

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