Press Release: Wakanow Rolls Out ‘Pay Small Small’ Summer Deals

Africa’s leading online travel portal Wakanow has launched new and exciting summer deals that offer both old and new customers an opportunity to enjoy various travel packages with the ‘Pay Small Small’ option.

The Pay Small Small scheme, which is one of the many products in Wakanow’s rapidly expanding portfolio, gives the travelling public savings as much as 150% on their travel expenses with a flexible payment plan. It is designed to allow customers lock down choice travel deals by making only a 25% down payment of the travel cost and paying the balance in convenient installments before the travel date.

Chief Marketing Officer of Wakanow, Mrs. Victoria Onwubiko, said the new payment scheme reflects the company’s commitment to continually exceeding customer expectations with custom-made solutions.

”At Wakanow, the interest and satisfaction of our customers remain key drivers of our business processes and culture. As Africa’s leading online travel platform, we take pride in proactively creating innovative solutions that deliver the most memorable experiences for our customers, leveraging very heavily on technology to make sure seamless operations and customer convenience.”

She added that the Pay Small Small scheme (PSS) alleviates the burden of one-off payments with flexible payment options ranging from two weeks to as much as six months.

pay small small

Commenting on the rationale behind the scheme, the Executive Director of Strategy, Mrs. Toyin Odutayo, said the new product is targeted at travellers who need flexible payment options to take advantage of their choice travel destinations.

“Financial constraint is one of the major challenges when it comes to planning for your vacation. We are aware that there are thousands of people who would love to enjoy the thrill and excitement of travel but are constrained to limited options because they do not have the money to pay for the travel package at once. Wakanow decided to offer a lasting solution to these travel challenges with the introduction of Pay Small Small scheme,” she stated.

“With Pay Small Small, customers can now enjoy the rare privilege of locking down highly affordable travel packages, thereby enjoying the early bird advantages.

The Pay Small Small scheme is applicable to all Wakanow product packages, including flights, hotels, and tours. Every Wakanow booking earns loyalty points that can be redeemed at known and popular outlets in Nigeria.

Wakanow is one of Africa’s online travel portals, providing seamless travel deals, holiday packages and tour services to millions of travellers in Africa and beyond. Wakanow has grown from a humble background to becoming one of the fastest growing and largest travel sites in Africa.

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