With the London Olympic Games approaching, plus the usual summer travelers, the social calendar of London is already bursting at the seams. That means hordes of tourists, Olympics fans and regular Londoners all jostling for space at the tubes and buses leading to queues that stretch from here to Kafanchan. So if you plan to visit London this summer, you may need to pack more than just your bags. Here are five tips for beating the crowds in the Big Smoke.

1. Plan ahead

it’s best you map out your itinerary before you embark on your journey so you can not only avoid the queues but save a few pounds too. Also, time your visits too, avoiding weekends is probably advisable as there will undoubtedly be more crowds about then
2. Put your walking shoes on

Pack only comfortable clothes and shoes that will let you walk long distances so you save time by not spending unnecessary time on queues, plus you get to see more sights.
3. Stay away from the tourist centers

The best way to beat the crowds is usually to avoid those places usually hounded by tourists. You could head to some of London’s lesser visited but equally interested museums, like the Imperial War Museum, the Transport Museum or the Fashion and Textile Museum, and skip the queues in Leicester Square in favor of an independent cinema, like the Electric Cinema in Portobello
4. Be one with the weather

Rainy days are part of the package in London, but rest assured that rain is typically of the drizzle variety rather than raging thunderstorms. That doesn’t stop most of the tourists heading indoors on a rainy day but smart travelers make the most of the rain and enjoy the outdoors whilst the crowds are sheltering inside.

5. Make the best of the nighttime

Opting to scour the streets of London at night can be a great way to lose some of the crowds – just avoid places like Leicester Square and Soho, which will be teeming with clubbers and theatre-goers after hours. Several tours of the city run at night, a much safer option for those brand new to the city, including the infamous Jack the Ripper night tour and spooky ghost tours guaranteed to entertain the kids. You can also book a night-tour bus if you simply want to see the sights.


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