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Enjoy a Vacation in London, England’s Busiest City

Going on a vacation to London guarantees you unlimited fun and timeless memories. This multi-cultural city has tons of historic places to visit and activities to engage in. With Wakanow, you can discover all the exciting stuff that London has to offer from the iconic landmarks, to the delicious meals and thrilling tours. Lets get to it!

Places to Visit

Tower of London

London Tower is one of England’s most popular tourist attractions. Located in central park, this historic building is very dear to Britons. A complex of several buildings, known to have housed a palace, the crown jewels, a menagerie, an armory, a political prison, a place of execution and so much more. Take a tour around this iconic complex and marvel at its beauty and history.

London Eye

If you’ve seen ads about London, you’ve definitely seen the London eye, it is that signficant! London Eye is an unmissable landmark located on the Thames River’s south bank. On a London eye ride, you get into one of the 32 capsules and get an incredible 360 degrees slow view of the city. London eye affords you the opportunity to see many breath-taking landmarks and famous buildings in London. Interactive Guides are on hand to encourage you to discover the capital’s iconic landmarks in multiple languages.

Sea Life London

Get to see a bit of what underwater life looks like at Sea life. Enjoy viewing up to 400 species of fishes while strolling under a glass tunnel. This aquarium is very child friendly and fascinating.

Sea Life London Aquarium Tickets | London Aquarium | Tourist Attractions |  Ticketmaster UK

Madame Tussauds

Walk the red carpet and hit a pose with the wax figures of some famous people like the Queen, David Beckham, Usain Bolt and many more. You’ll also get a look behind the scenes at how sculptors build the figures in an iconic black cabin, and a fun trip through London’s history.

Warner Bros Studio

Get a tour of the Warner Bros studios and enjoy behind- the- scenes of one of the biggest film series: Harry Potter. View authentic sets, costumes, special effects and the whole nine yards! Absolutely magical!

REVIEW: Gringotts Wizarding Bank expansion at Warner Bros. Studio Tour  London | by CafeFantasia 💫 | Medium

Things to Do

Visit Hyde Park, explore Britain’s national history museum, St. Paul’s cathedral, Get on a hop-on hop-off tour bus, Ride in an emirates air line cable car, visit St. James’ park, Buckingham palace, Westminster Abbey and the Big Ben.

Travel Advice

Currency: Great British pounds

Religion: The official religion in the U.K. is Christianity but other religions are practiced: Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and many more.

Language spoken: English language.

Flight time: 6 hours 35 minutes

Best time to visit: The U.K’s weather is divided into 4 categories: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn

Winter months (December-February) are usually the coldest: freezing temperatures and lots of snow. Make sure to pack lots of warm clothing and a few winter jackets.

Spring (March-May), the weather is usually warm and mild. Pack a lot of cotton jackets, blazers and scarves to absorb the warm weather without exposing yourself to cold. For the fashion enthusiasts, flowery prints and spring go hand in hand.

Summer (June – August) the weather is usually hot in this season. if you’re planning a trip around this period, pack lots of free clothes and bikinis for when you go to the beach.

Autumn (September-December) is the season where you get to prepare for Winter months. Autumn can get very windy and wet, so make sure to pack appropriate clothing. It can also rain all year round so don’t forget to pack an Umbrella!

Foods to Try

Traditional British foods include Fish and chips, a full English breakfast, Crumpets, shepherd’s pie, Kidney pie and many more. A full English breakfast is usually the more popular option for people who want to try out British cuisine.

The Full English Breakfast – What Is It? (All About The Fry Up) – British  Grub Hub
A full English breakfast.

Planning a vacation to London? You can always contact us at Wakanow to help with making your travels as seamless as possible.

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