Best time to buy flight tickets

Best Times To Buy Airline Tickets

Mastering the best periods to buy airline tickets could be your solution to paying less for flights. The tips below will guide your search for cheap flights and the best times to fly.

  • Shop early; airlines start offering cheaper seats about 4 months before departure (5 months for international flights).
  • Keep checking constantly; prices change up to 3times daily with the cheapest fares usually found at midnight and in the early morning.
  • Save on 150% flight fare increase when you book at least a month early and pay with Pay Small Small.
  • Sign up for e-mail newsletters on; this will keep you informed of whenever there is a flight promo so you can book immediately before it becomes unavailable.
  • Sunday is usually the most expensive time to fly. Book cheap flights within the week for the best fares.
  • Book holiday tickets as soon as you see them. These are usually limited so dilly-dallying might cost you that dream vacation.
  • Prices rise quickly on the week of departure and you can pay as much as 40% more if you book on your departure date.
  • More discount ticket sales are offered early in the week.
  • Don’t aim for the least expensive seats on the plane as this might be quickly snatched up by other passengers if you don’t pay immediately. Go for below the average seats and you will usually win.

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  1. Good but pls get me posted always and on time.

  2. Olusegun kayode says:

    Pls i want to know if i can get flight from Lagos to Barbados and i want to know how much will the ticket cost ?

      1. We derive pleasure in your satisfaction, Thank you for choosing



  4. ogunsakin oladapo says:

    i want to know how much it will cost me to fly from lagos to brazil for d world cup

  5. kindly avail me with fear from lagos Dubai lagos.on 05/07/2014, Adults tow,infant one .Emirate USD Curency please.
    thank to you.

  6. Lando Isaac says:

    I would like to travel to Dubai with my family in December, how can I book for hotel and aco donation for all of us and also the suitable time to book for ticket.

  7. yusuf Aminat Funmilola says:

    Please get me posted anytime

  8. Thank you for the insight. How do I pay small small for a flight ticket?

  9. anoje pascal ahamdi says:

    Pls sends me massage any time the chiper flight is needed to purchase pls thank u.

  10. What is the flight rate from Lagos to New York

  11. Lola Sadiq says:

    Nice packaging! pls i neee update on air fare from lagos to indianapolis. thnks

  12. Ebenezer Christian says:

    Powerful info.Please keep me updated on your newsletter periodical.

  13. Okonkwo Ngozi Maurine says:

    I love I can pay from anywhere.

  14. akinsola temitope says:

    Want to get your deals

  15. Linda chinyere Nwakakwa says:

    I will be travelling on 24th july 2015, that is next week, how do i book my flight as i want to use arikair or Etihad air?

  16. modupeola Abdulsalam says:

    Pls which airline is d cheapest frm lagos to dubai for dis month

  17. Osaigbevo says:

    Pls send me message when there is cheap flight price available. Or ongoing promo

  18. Matilda jones says:

    let’s know when any promo ticket
    comes up pls

  19. Pls which airline is d cheapest frm lagos to dubai for dis month and how much does flight ticket cost from Nigeria to UK???

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