Mombasa: Visit East Africa’s Cultural Melting Pot

Mombasa, Kenya’s oldest and second largest city after Nairobi. A cultural melting pot with huge influences from Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures. Mombasa’s rich history and its role in the start of East African transcontinental trade makes it a popular choice for travelers. Its beach resorts overlook and give a perfect calming view of the Indian Ocean. Mombasa’s coastal location gives tourists an exciting feel of the African tropical weather. This cosmopolitan tourist hub is also home to the largest sea port in East Africa. Tourists from all over the world, flock here to discover old buildings, buy fragrant spices in its markets and enjoy the bright blue seas.


Mamba is the Swahili name for crocodile. The Mamba Village Center, Nyali is the biggest crocodile farm in East Africa. This tourist attraction site also has a scenic garden that displays an array of plants, Giraffes and a variety of birds. Tourists can learn about the life cycle of the animals in this conservation center and also enjoy the view of the man-made lake. One of the highlights in this Village center, is watching the way crocodiles eat.

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Haller park is home to about 160 prominent species of birds like weaverbirds, cranes, pelicans and storks. These birds were introduced to this park in 1971. This is one of Mombasa’s famous wildlife initiatives. In 1971, Dr. René Haller transformed the limestone quarries into a flourishing nature reserve. She improved soil mineral content, planted trees, added a fish farm and created a nature park where each animal works within the thriving environment. Giraffe feeding is a special highlight, so make sure to monitor times before visiting. Other animals you can find in Haller park include Giraffes, Cape buffalos, Zebras, Waterbucks, and Hippos.


The Mombasa marine national park is the perfect spot for a dreamy vacation: white sandy beaches with swaying coconut trees by the shores, crystal clear blue seas and a variety of colorful sea animals. Diving and snorkeling are some of the most common activities here in Kenya’s busiest offshore reserves. This national reserve preserves mangroves, sea grass, turtles and coral reef. Seahorses, stingrays, and eels are among the reserve’s marine species. Visitors to this park can view the bottom of the sea from a special boat which has a glass bottom. Mombasa marine national park is definitely what every beach lover’s dream is made up of.


Lovers of history will enjoy spending a few hours walking peacefully through the atmospheric alleys here, snacking in one of the many cafes, shopping for antiques, spices, plants, and souvenirs. Old Town is home to Fort Jesus, Mombasa’s most visited tourist attraction site. A combination of its rich history is reflected in the architecture of the town. Arab/Persian, Asian, and European influences are very evident in the culture and the way of life of the people. Fort Jesus was named a UNESCO World Heritage site as it is one of the best examples of Portuguese military architecture in the 16th century. It is definitely the perfect holiday destination for lovers of ancient history

Depending on what you love to do on vacations, Mombasa has a variety of activities for everyone. So, get packing!

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