To experience the beauty of Africa, you’ll need to know the best time to visit. Here’s a list of some top African destinations and the best time to visit.


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Spotlight on Kenya, East Africa’s prized possession – filled with action-packed activities that will make any holiday memorable. From the Nairobi National Park, Giraffe Center and National Museum, Kenya welcomes you. The best time to visit is during the dry months – July through October and January/February.


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Tanzania is popular for its extraordinary wildlife, and the best time to enjoy this is during the dry season which starts from late June to October. If you have ever wanted to see the wildebeest migration,  head to Tanzania between June and July. For thrill seekers who want to attempt a hike up  Kilimanjaro, visit between June and October as you’re less likely to experience snow on the summit.


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To enjoy sun-drenched beautiful days on the island of Mauritius, the best time to visit is between May and December. The weather is cool, dry and best of all, sunny. After all, what’s a beach without the sun? The sun shines in all its glory between October and December. It’s the perfect time to enjoy lazy walks with your lover, dinner on the beach and some retail therapy.

South Africa

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This upscale African gem is known for its diverse culture and tradition with a beautiful weather all year round. To experience actual summertime in Cape Town, visit between November and February. For the ultimate game viewing experience, the dry winter months between May and October are spot on.

The Gambia

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The Gambia has it’s very own charm and splendor. For the best time to enjoy the magic of the Gambia, book your tickets between November and February when the sun is pleasant and the weather is dry. Avoid the rainy season which runs from July to September. Enjoy the history, explore the game reserve and mix with the welcoming people of Gambia

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    Hi! i just came across your informative post after hours of searching for useful info about Tanzania. I’d like to buy tickets for my wife’s birthday, as she can’t stop talking and dreaming about seeing Tanzania’s wildlife. She gotta witness it firsthand, I guess. After all these endless stories, me too. So I started planning our trip and first of all i started to scour the web in search of special offers, tickets, cheap accomodation and different kinds of activities including safari. soooooo much information everywhere that it made my head reel. Although I found different sources like popular and packed sites and i’m sitting now with my head blown and don’t know what to do. When it’s better to go to Tanzania IF my wife is afraid of crowds, adores sunbathing (while hiking), loves animals, and is passionate about fresh exotic fruits?

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