Schengen visa application requirements for Ghanaians

Schengen Visa Requirements for Ghanaians

Schengen visas remain a hot cake for the foreseeable future. As expected, the application process is quite meticulous as well as tedious. Trust us, it can be quite frustrating when applications hit an unexpected snag.

Application success is always dependent on an in-depth knowledge of application procedures and general requirements. So, here is a sneak peep of Schengen visa requirements for Ghanaians (and generally applicable to all other nationalities).


Completed application form

Schengen visa application form

This is easily the first document required. The Schengen visa application form must be properly filled and duly signed by the applicant.

Valid international passport

Ghanaian passports

This is the primary document of identification when travelling overseas. Applicants will need their passport to be valid for at least 3 months beyond the period of stay or visit.


Passport photograph

Well, well, well … let’s just say the Embassy officials will need to know what you look like. Ensure the passport-sized photograph is with white background and without any facial obstruction.


Airline ticket reservation

Airline ticket reservation

The Schengen visa application must be accompanied with an airline ticket reservation. It appears Embassy officials want to know how serious you are about travelling. Don’t disappoint them.


Travel Insurance

A travel insurance document should accompany each Schengen visa application. Well, Oyinbo people can like insurance sha…lol. Don’t say we did not tell you ooo!.


Proof of accommodation

Schengen visa on point

Embassy officials want to be sure you won’t be sleeping on the sidewalks, alleys or trees when you come around. It’s your job to convince them, and legally too.


Invitation letter

Invitation letters are basically of three types – business, private visit, and tourism.

  • Business: Business applicants will require an invitation letter from inviting company sent by either by fax or by e-mail (not both) to the embassy. This should clearly state all relevant expenses and accommodation where applicable.
  • Private visit: Applicants in this category will require an invitation letter signed by the host together with a copy of his/her passport, identity card or resident permit. This should clearly state all relevant expenses and accommodation where applicable.
  • Tourism: Applications in this category should be accompanied by proof of hotel reservation till the last date of departure from Schengen zone.


Letter of introduction

Letter of introduction

Schengen visa application requires a letter of introduction. This should ideally be from the applicant’s current company or school.


Proof of financial means

This ranks among the major causes applicants are denied a visa. Embassy officials are curious to know each applicant’s financial capacity as well as social and economic ties to their country of origin. So, here’s a short list of expected deliverables:

  • Each applicant must show proof of personal or company bank statements (originals) of the last 3 months with Salary slips (copies) of the last 3 months or contract (if employed).
  • Also, applicants may provide a letter from local employer confirming funding for the trip (if applicable).
  • Applicants must provide copies of Business papers (if self-employed), such as business registration certificate, company’s code/ form A, tax clearance certificates, proof of active business (bills of lading, import declaration form, invoices, etc.).


Photocopies of last 3 issued Schengen visas

Schengen visa application

If you’re a frequent traveller, Embassy officials will require photocopies of the last 3 issued Schengen visas (even if expired). Ensure you have them handy.


Photocopies of passport

Please be sure to include photocopies of your international passport with your application. You can thank us later for this tip.


Visa fee


Schengen visa fee

Schengen visa fee is €60, payable in Ghanaian cedi equivalent. Money for ground … well, you know how it goes.

On top of all these, you will need to provide any other document(s) the Embassy may require. Please note that Schengen visa requires a minimum processing time of 10 business days.

Schengen visa approved

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