If you have seen any of those shark attack documentaries on NatGeo, you are likely to freeze at the sight of a shark, much less swim with one.

Sharks rule the deep sea kingdom and can be dangerous to humans, given their long row of sharp teeth. But they also offer one of the best underwater adventures ever.

So, if part of your bucket list this summer is to go under the deep sea and swim with sharks, we recommend you opt for these cool destinations for a deserved summer break.

  • Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Grab the rare opportunity of a lifetime to dive with hammerhead sharks and marine predators in this UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. It is situated in the Southeastern region of Costa Rica with a large population of pelagics, including rays, whales and sharks.

Here is one of the best spots in the world where you can swim through a sea cavern with schooling mumbles of these marine creatures.

  • Protea Banks, South Africa

Get up close and personal with eight different species of sharks in a single dive at the Protea Banks in the East Coast of South Africa. It has a huge population of tiger sharks and hammerheads.

  • Red Sea, Egypt

Until you dive in the Red Sea with over 44 species of sharks, you probably haven’t started. No doubt, the Red Sea houses some of the most beautiful marine creatures on the planet. And thanks to its stunning shipwrecks and underwater coral reefs, many tourists troop to Egypt every year to taste this sunny side of the country.

  • Guadalupe, Mexico

Sail smooth and steady in the crystal clear waters of Isla Guadalupe while enjoying great views of white sharks. Here, you can cage-dive in multiple shark cages and go all the way deeper into prime spots where you can swim with a school of sharks without being eaten alive.

  • New Providence Island, Bahamas

Have the best time of your life just yet in this lush archipelago of well over 700 islands.

Swimming with sharks here can be adrenaline-popping, but can also seem like sipping your favorite tea aboard a dhow while you watch the sun slid behind the sky’s grey shrouds.

One way to jazz up this summer is to choose a holiday destination that allows you swim with sharks somewhere about 2000 meters below sea level.

The experience is worth the candle.

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