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Take A Bite Of New York’s Big Apple

From the chorus lines of Broadway down to the grungy cabarets of the Village, it’s practically impossible to swing a dance belt without hitting a comedy club, jazz lounge or off the beat theatre. And beyond the scope of live acts lurks an electric world of art and artifact housed in world-class museums of encyclopedic proportions and up-and-coming galleries showcasing relevant creators.

So set your expectations as high as the skyscrapers and you’ll quickly uncover myriad brilliant moments of sensory overload far beyond the twinkling lights of NYC’s poster child, Times Square.

Take a Bite of the Big Apple

The Big Apple is, more than anything else, a wildly diverse urban ecosystem, and there’s no better way to access the city’s cornucopia of cultures than through the dinner plate. NYC’s eating scene is a parade of superlatives culminating in a constellation of Michelin stars.

From the Caribbean kitchens in Harlem to modern iterations of new American comfort cuisine downtown, New York offers endless opportunities to stamp your palate’s passport.

Time & Trends

Neon lights light up Times Square at night, Theatre District - New York City, New York
With topics that trend faster than a Twitter feed, New York City always seems to have its finger on the pulse, making it one of the most progressive and innovative pinpoints on the globe. In this land of the perpendicular gridiron, you can get anything at any time, from the latest couture from the Parisian runways to the most ergonomic lounge chairs from the design ateliers of Tokyo.

Sand passes through the hourglass much faster here – change is constantly afoot, as locals hunt down the latest and greatest with alacrity only to shift gears the following week in search of the next big hit. They don’t call it a ‘New York Minute’ for nothin’!

Lady Liberty

One hundred years ago the torch-wielding icon, clad in copper greens, welcomed the ‘tired, poor, and huddled masses’ – she was quite the sight for sore eyes after a long journey from the other end of the globe. Today, Lady Liberty stands guard over a modern set of human pursuits. New York has become so much more than a gateway to opportunity – it’s a city of triumph, a capital of exploration and experimentation; it’s a place where one is truly free to be themselves. So come as you are, shed your apprehensions, let it all hang out and join the fray.

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