With monuments and memorials, Washington, DC is unlike any other city. The city has significant landmarks such as the White House and the magnificent Capitol Complex. In addition, there are hundreds of other tourist destinations including world-class museums and important monuments.

The top attractions to visit here are:


You must have heard of the famous East, Blue , Green, and Red Rooms, the Ballroom and the State Dining Room at The White House located in the White House. This building has been the U.S. President’s official residence, which was originally designed by James Hoban in 1792 and restored in 1818. Tours are available for visitors from outside only. However, the White House Visitor Center is available for visitors where they can view displayed images of the White House and the presidential families. It contains the décor of the former presidents, residence model, historical improvements, and videos with observations from presidents on their time living there.

A 54-acre patch of grass running down Constitution Lane, called The Ellipse holds summer concerts by the US Army Band. The elaborate Greek Revival Treasury Building of 1833 and the Management Bureau Building of 1871 is, one of the oldest government buildings in Washington, are next door to the White House. The sculptures of Andrew Jackson, Lafayette and others overlook the White House at Lafayette Square.

A view of the North Portico of the White House, Wednesday June 14, 2017 in Washington D.C. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)


This massive dome- Capitol Hill, which is centered on St. Peter’s in Rome, stands out from all other Washington buildings. Capitol is the seat of the House of Representatives and of the Senate and is recognized around the world as a representation of the United States.

There are frescoes, reliefs and paintings in the interior shines with a great cast-iron dome whose ceiling is painted with scenes from American history. The old House of Representatives Hall, with sculptures of prominent historical figures and historical figures. The tiny Rotunda Senate leads to the beautifully renovated Old Senate Hall, where the Senate met until 1859, and the Supreme Court until 1935.

Free tours can be booked online at the visitor center on the lower floor.

From the Capitol, you pass an underground tunnel of historical exhibits to the Library of Congress, one of Washington’s little known locations. Here you can also find an earlier hand-printed Bible, a complete Gutenberg Bibles, Thomas Jefferson’s draft Declaration of Freedom, Jefferson’s personal library and galleries packed with displays focusing on subjects such as musical careers and the work of editorial cartoonists and graphic designers.


Various topics are displayed in evolving exhibitions concentrating on subjects such as African American food practices and chefs, and the influence of African American sports stars on apartheid collapse, and African craftsmanship. The museums, focuses on themes of history, culture and society, and evolving concepts of American citizenship and equality, while at the same time showcasing African American culture and that of the larger African diaspora.

Artifacts such as an aircraft known as the “Spirit of Tuskegee” is on display there. This famous aircraft was used to train African American airmen in the Army Air Forces.

For accommodation, there’s Georgetown suites which have apartments with kitchens. Close to the West End, Georgetown collection has kitchenettes and free breakfast; and the best part is that it is a walking distance to the White House. There is also Windsor Inn, which is a ten minutes’ walk from P street shops and restaurants.

Currently in Washington,

  • 58% of flights are operating
  • 74% of hotels have availability

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