Top Ten Best Aiports In The World

Over time, people have come to associate airports with crowds and uncomfortable settings. Some modern air terminal complexes however, are able to compete with hotels. Below are the best airports in the world, some good enough to spend nights in comfortably.

Singapore, Changi

One can not only charge his or her mobile phone, watch a film free of charge and wake up thanks to the chair inbuilt alarm clock in this wonderful air terminal complex. Transit passengers are offered to take part in excursions over the city and to visit swimming pool absolutely free of charge.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

At this airport, tired travelers are offered massage and SPA procedures. There is a meditative room for the representatives of all religions, where they can find books in different languages. The affiliate of the National Museum opened in the arrival zone became a “special appeal”: comfortable chairs, clean showers and toilets, internet access. Children, who have to while away the time here, will not be bored, as a special play zone is made especially for them.

Athens, Greece

Travelers like the new airport of Athens, because it is clean and large with internet access

Vancouver, Canada

There are different opinions about this airport. Some people find it to be the best place where they can spend even several days in case of redrawing the schedule: they can take a shower, send a letter to their relatives and colleagues.

Hong Kong, China

This airport features worship and playrooms in the complex, one can use Wi-Fi.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This airport is huge! Actually, it is an optical illusion. It’s as big as other Asian airports, but there are fewer people here, that’s why the territory seems too large. The know-how of this airport is the “all-inclusive traveler’s hall”, where paying 17 dollars tourists get food, internet access, TV, mini-golf and many other things. Passengers noted plastic chairs and paid shower as the minus of the airport.

Auckland, New Zealand

The enormous Auckland airport is smaller than other international air terminal complexes, but at the same time it is very comfortable. Travelers can take a nap on folding chairs and couches, take shower or have a rest on comfortable arm-chairs in the mini-theatre.

Oslo, Norway
You needn’t be afraid of robbers and pickpockets; you can take a nap on a chair and not worry about your luggage. Comfortable benches, dim light of the night help you to have a good rest.

Seoul, Incheon, South Korea

Incheon has become one of the best transit airports, where there are many sleeping and resting places. Free internet, special rooms for children, massage and playrooms! So you’d better think about spending a weekend there.

Helsinki, Finland

There is everything for the tourist happiness, including shower and free internet.

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