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10 Best Easter Travel Destinations

Truth be told, we all love holidays – yea we do and Easter is not just another quick one.

It is a great time to explore back and forth the moon. Not the moon literally, the world of course!

The Easter season, albeit short offers travel opportunities for a bracing retreat.

You can always count on us to point you to the best Easter travel destinations for an egg-citing holiday.

Your Ancestral Home

onitsha bridge
Asaba – Onitsha Bridge

We all love the big urban city life but sometimes packing that mini travel bag and heading to the village for a weekend break could be just what we’ve been missing for a very long time.

Oh, that early morning breeze and the rustling of the leaves on those trees around the typical village compound, the homemade food cooked using firewood – the list goes on.


A Panorama View of Rome

Rome remains an undisputed destination during Easter, not only for its medieval feel as the world’s largest open-air museum but also you get to enjoy the reason for the season. The photogenic European city is just right for an adventurous getaway – from the Vatican to the Trevi Fountain, St Peter’s Square, Spanish Steps, the Basilicas, and the Colosseum you are definitely in for one holiday you won’t forget in a hurry.

South Africa

cape town beach

From city life to adventure, big game wildlife to culture, breathtaking landscape, beach fronts to sun-soaked coasts. Apart from being one of the top adventure destinations in the World, it is also an excellent and vibrant multicultural city. Looking for a mix of a typical African feel and modern day travel destination, the land of Madiba is one for you.


dubai city

With over 100 million passengers visiting yearly, Dubai is the 10th-busiest city airport system in the world.

The Emirate of Dubai is an embodiment of its nickname “the city of gold”. Luxury hotels, expansive shopping complex, beautiful waterfronts, themed parks, amusement parks, high rising magnificent architecture, boisterous nightlife and exquisite restaurant. Who would pass on the opportunity to celebrate Easter in Dubai?



diani beach

A home away from home is all Kenya is about. Home to one of Africa’s most hospitable people, wildlife and a view of Africa’s tallest mountain – Mt. Kilimanjaro. From feeding giraffes to adopting orphan elephants, you can’t help but for fall in love with Kenya and Easter in the East of Africa won’t be a bad idea.



kakum national park ghana
Kakum National Park

If you’ve never experienced Easter in the mountains of Kwahu, Eastern Ghana, this holiday should be just about that time.  

Easter in Ghana is a festival for indigenes and a journey for holiday lovers.

Activities like paragliding, hiking, carnivals and street parties are just it for a perfect Easter weekend.

Ho Chi Minh City

vietnamese city

Popularly known as Saigon, this Vietnamese city remains one of the least exploited but most exciting travel destination in the world if you are an adventurous jolly fellow.

The city that never sleeps offers you the perfect escape this Easter, from serene to chaos, world-class luxury hotels to budget motels, exotic rides to cyclo transportation you can’t get enough of this exciting city.


horn of Africa

Over time, Ethiopia has lived up to its name as the Horn of Africa, by spearheading tourism.

Seductive, and inviting – this ancient museum of a country serves you history, wildlife and luxury the African way.

Take a moment, this Easter, let’s take you there.


Maldives beach

Blue lagoons, swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, jet-skiing, surfing, delicious seafood, enchanting views, the list goes on.

This list will never be complete without one of the world’s most serene travel destination. The Island of Maldives offers the luxury, relaxation, and adventure and this Easter is just the perfect time to get lost in this scintillating destination.



City of Jerusalem

Welcome to the Pilgrim city of Jerusalem. You must have heard stories, read history and seen pictures. However, nothing beats seeing history right through your own eyes. An Easter weekend here is just the right antidote for the curious and a lover of getaways.

Whether you like to explore the priceless collections at the Vatican City or pamper yourself in style in the amazing Island of Maldives, Wakanow can help you make your Easter vacation a story worth telling for years to come.

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