5 Places & Tourist Attractions To Visit In Lagos This Weekend

Looking for fun places and Tourist attractions to visit or go to in Lagos, Nigeria? Check out these 5 we listed below.

About Lagos

Lagos has the most population of any city in Nigeria and Africa. It is located in the southwestern part of the country and is the economic and financial center of the country. It is a megacity with a population of over 21 million people.

It is a major port city and is home to a variety of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, and tourism. Lasgidi is well known for its crazy nightlife scene. Lagos is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

This cosmopolitan hub is forever bustling with exciting adventures; with new spots sprouting out at every corner. For all the IJGBs who have rocked Lagos in December, looking for new things to do in Lagos, we say a big thank you for bringing some of these spots to light! Here’s our list of new spots to discover in Lagos this weekend. The best part, there’s something in store for everyone!

Fun places to visit in Lagos

Tourist attraction spots to go to in Lagos can either be gone during the day or during the night. Lagos is a vibrant city with a bustling nightlife, that’s for a fact. There are numerous bars, restaurants, clubs, lounges, and other venues to explore after dark. From high-end nightclubs to live music venues, you can find something to suit your taste.

A night out in Lagos is an experience like no other, with the city’s infectious energy and its many diverse offerings. Whether you’re looking for a casual night out or a wild night of partying, Lagos has something for everyone.

During the day, the streets of Lagos come alive with people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. The streets are filled with vendors and markets that offer a variety of items from clothes, to food, to electronics, and more.

The city has its own unique energy and attractions like the Lekki Conservation Centre, the National Museum, and the National Theatre. There are also plenty of parks, beaches, and other places to explore. Daylife in Lagos is an experience like no other. From the hustle and bustle of the city’s markets to the laid-back vibes of its beaches, Lagos is a place to experience true African culture.

Regardless of whether its day or night, here are some of the best places you can go to in Lagos:

#1. Upbeat Center is one of 5 fun places to visit in Lagos

Upbeat Center

Location: Phase 1, Lekki, 11 Admiralty Rd, Eti-Osa, Lagos

Upbeat Center Lekki is an entertainment and leisure center located in the heart of Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. The center offers a variety of activities, including bowling, a cinema, an arcade, a game lounge, a karaoke lounge, a restaurant, a bar, and a kids area.

The center is designed to provide a safe, fun, and affordable tourist attraction place to visit for both adults and children in Lagos. The center provides a range of packages and specials for groups and families, making it an ideal spot for a night out or a special occasion.

It spots the first ever West African trampoline park in Lagos and it’s every fitfam’s paradise location. This center offers an amazing range of activities – indoor trampoline, fitness classes, sporting activities and so much more. Bring the kids out for the day, let them jump around with no restrictions.

#2. Fela and the Kalakuta Queens

Fun places to visit in Lagos

Location: 1376 Tiamiyu Savage St, Victoria Island, Lagos

Back by popular demands, FelaandTheKalaKutaQueens production gives a twist to the story of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s life. Making its main focus the wives of Fela, who formed the Kalakuta Republic what we know and love today.

Date: 13th-14th of January

Time: 3PM & 7PM

#3. Rufus and Bees

Fun places tourist attractions to visit in Lagos

Location: 121 2 TwinWaters Street, Oniru Estate, Lekki.

Restaurants are constantly popping up around but here’s something different, a place where adults can be kids and children can have pure old-school fun. To get into the swing of things you’ll need a buzz card to play unlimited games- car racing, hockey games, angry bird arcade games and so much more. This family-oriented hot spot has something for everyone the foodie lovers, cocktail enthusiasts and sports lovers.

#4. Burg.co


Location: 11b Isaac John Street, Ikeja, Lagos

There’s a new burger joint on the block and for all main landers, we have good news it’s in the heart of Ikeja, cheers to increasing fun places in Ikeja. If you’re one looking for American style food- burgers, fries, steaks, and shakes. Come through to Burg.co, with its trendy outdoor space guaranteed to ensure you forget the hustle and bustle of  Lagos.

At Burg.co Ikeja, you can enjoy delicious burgers, sandwiches, salads, and sides. They use the freshest ingredients to make their tasty dishes, and offer a comfortable, casual atmosphere for customers to enjoy their meals. Burg.co Ikeja also offers delivery service to customers who live nearby.

#5. The House Lagos

The House Lagos

Location: 4 AJ Morinho Drive, Victoria Island, Lagos

The House Lagos is a perfect blend of good food, excellent music, and lively entertainment. It’s a good spot for socializing and experiencing a contemporary feel of Lagos city.  Can be used for a catch-up, romantic date, business meeting and any form of people activity.

#6. Lekki Conservation Centre

Located in the Lekki peninsula of Lagos, the Lekki Conservation Centre is a gorgeous nature reserve that offers visitors the chance to explore the natural beauty of the area. Here you can enjoy a variety of activities such as birdwatching, nature walks, and canoeing, as well as take in the stunning views of the nearby lagoon. The Canopy Walk has to be probably the most fascinating (and scariest) tourist attraction here.

#7. Tarkwa Bay Beach

A great spot to spend an afternoon, Tarkwa Bay Beach is a secluded beach located on a small island off the coast of Lagos. Here you can relax and soak up the sun, go for a swim, or enjoy some delicious seafood from the beachside restaurants. You’d need to rent a boat to be able to even get to the beach.

#8. Nike Art Gallery

Located in the affluent Victoria Island, the Nike Art Gallery is a must-visit for any art lover. This gallery showcases a variety of traditional and contemporary art from some of the most talented artists in Nigeria, and is sure to inspire and amaze.

#9. Lagos Bar Beach

A great spot to visit in Lagos to cool off during the hot and humid days of summer, Lagos Bar Beach is a beautiful beach located in the heart of Lagos. Here you can enjoy the sun and sand and take in the stunning views of the city skyline. A couple years ago, this was probably the top beach in Lagos. However, with the development of the Eko Atlantic project, we can’t say the same anymore.

#10. National Museum of Nigeria

The National Museum of Nigeria is a great place to learn more about the country’s culture and history. Here you can explore a variety of exhibits and artifacts, as well as take part in educational activities and workshops.

Final words about places to visit in Lagos & Tourist attractions

Lagos is easily the only state in Nigeria with the most number of fun things to do. Abuja may come in second, but it’s a distant second place. As you have fun in Lagos, make sure to keep secutity of self and personal belongings top of mind. Also. for comfortable hotels around Lagos, check with Wakanow, we’ve got amazing deals.

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