5 Reasons Why We Love Gambia

5 Reasons Why We Love Gambia

Why We Love Gambia

Yes! It’s time for another holiday. Not sure where to go? We’ve got you sorted. Here are 5 reasons why we love Gambia and are so sure you would love it too:

Gambia Hotels

5 Reasons Why We Love Gambia

Source: Djembe Beach Resort

Gambia plays host to a myriad of plush hotel options – from a lodge floating over the River Gambia, stylish resorts to luxury hotels. Your family holiday, business trip or a romantic getaway just got better 😉

The Home of Beaches

5 Reasons Why We Love Gambia


Get your fill of the sun, sand, and sea. Gambia boasts of beautiful beaches with swaying palms and scenic lagoons. Head to Senegambia, Kololi or Paradise Beach where you can ride horses or play drums with the locals. Chill out on a sunbed and have a refreshing cocktail on the Nginki-Nganka or Fajara beach. Gambia is the perfect chill zone!

Abundant Wildlife

5 Reasons Why We Love Gambia

There are nearly 600 bird species, a lot of bush pigs, crocodiles, hippos and cheeky monkeys in Gambia.  Visit the Abuko Nature Reserve, Kachikally Crocodile pool and the monkey park in Senegambia to see all the wildlife Gambia has to offer.

Foodie’s Delight

5 Reasons Why We Love Gambia

Source: Access Gambia

Gambian food is simple yet full of mouthwatering flavours. Don’t forget to try out some traditional dishes such as Yassa, Domoda, Benachin, and Superkanja. There are also a lot of international fine dining options to satisfy your cravings. Yum!

Winter sunshine

5 Reasons Why We Love Gambia

As the winter season hits, Gambia offers a whole lot of warmth to holidaymakers. You can make the most of the uninterrupted sunshine and practically zero rainfall in Gambia. Go sightseeing this season, enjoy the beachfront hotels, relax at the beach or shop till you drop at one of the local markets.

With a superb climate, friendly locals, quiet beach resorts, and diverse wildlife are some of the reasons why we love Gambia. You can be rest-assured that visiting Gambia is easier than ever.


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