Everyone thinks they have a Best Foods List somewhere in the back of their head, but not everyone can draw up a truly global best foods list.

Funny, because it rarely goes unsaid how good food feels from the inside. 

Sometimes, there’s no better way to feel good on the inside than to put some good stuff on the inside. And in reality, many of these feel good cuisines cannot be sourced from the comfort of your shores.

So, if you’re looking for some extra reasons to waltz around the world, here’s our best foods list that’s definitely worth traveling around the globe for.


El Pastorcito, Mexico City

Best Foods List That's Definitely Worth Travelling Around The Globe For

There’s more to Mexico than gorgeous divas in the Telenovelas. The answer is simple; tacos. This traditional Mexican dish made of corn or wheat tortilla rolled around shawarma-styled pork and salsa filling draws droves of tourists to Mexico City.

Pop into any neighbourhood Taqueria for an exotic experience of Mexican tacos. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone in the tacos frenzy. And if you’re ever in doubt, just one mouthful of the amazing ‘tacos al pastor’ at El Pastorcito in Mexico City is enough to change your mind. Factly speaking, it will literally change your life. You can bank on that.


Ai Tre Scalini, Italy

Best Foods List That's Definitely Worth Travelling Around The Globe For

It’s not surprising how Lasagna beat Neopolitan pizza to the #1 Italian delicacy spot on this list of best foods list. This special pasta-layered, tomato-sauce-infused, minced-meaty treat is guaranteed to hold you spellbound around Ai Tre Scalini in Italy. If you think you’ll break the spell easily, think again. Talk about gorgeous culinary vortexes, because you’ll find out soon enough you’re sitting right in the middle of one. Buongiorno.


Daiwa Sushi, Tokyo

Best Foods List That's Definitely Worth Travelling Around The Globe For

Japan is known for a ton of cool stuff, and Sushi is easily one of them. Sushi effortlessly features in our best foods list that’s definitely worth traveling around the globe for and there’s no better place to eat the world’s best sushi than inside Japan. 

Visit Daiwa Sushi – probably the swankiest sushi temple in Tokyo – for the most surreal sushi experience. While this doesn’t come cheap, it’s absolutely worth the price tag. Plus, you’ll find out it’s worth living for.

Jollof Rice

Bukka Hut, Nigeria

Best Foods List That's Definitely Worth Travelling Around The Globe For

No Nigerian party is complete without Jollof Rice. This special rice dish is intricately woven into the fabric of the average Nigerian. Little wonder Nigeria can rightfully lay claim to having the “World’s Most Delicious Jollof Rice.” So, if you happen to be in or around Lagos, be sure to try out this dish at the nearest Bukka Hut around you. You’ll simply love the aroma and great taste. Consequently, you’ll find out why the Nigerian Jollof Rice is worth its weight in gold on our Best Foods List.

No kidding.


Warung Simay, Indonesia

Best Foods List That's Definitely Worth Travelling Around The Globe For

Thanks to popular opinion, Rendang may well lay claim to the title of “Most Delicious Food Ever.” Ranked by a 2017 CNN’s Travel Food Poll as the “World’s Most Delicious Food”, this meaty, spicy dish from Pandang in West Sumatran is touted to dissipate doubts in one single bite. Little wonder this Indonesian dish is often served to distinguished guests at ceremonial occasions. What more can we say? You can get the best Rendang at Warung Simay in Tanah Abang. Now, you know.


Chilli crab

Roland Restaurant, Singapore

Best Foods List That's Definitely Worth Travelling Around The Globe For

The Chilli Crab sure deserves a place in our Best Foods list. Word on the street has it, it is difficult to stop eating this high-ranking best food. Roland Restaurant in Singapore is a top place to enjoy Chili Crab. Here, you can enjoy the chilli-paste recipe which has reputedly retained the integrity of the original dish. Expect the Chill Crab recipe there to be heavy on spices, ginger, and shallots. It’s the perfect balance between sweetness, tang, and spice.

Shrimp Dumpling

Celestial Court Chinese Restaurant, Hong Kong

Shrimp Dumpling in bamboo plate:

Seafood does excite taste buds any day, and Shrimp Dumpling at Celestial Court Chinese Restaurant in Hong Kong does so in the most special way. No trip to Hong Kong is complete without relishing the steamed shrimp dumpling recipe. It consists of succulent shrimps, steamed well but not overdone, wrapped in translucent rice paper. This simple form of dim sum has been a must-eat dish for decades. And don’t be afraid of culture shock; the staff will help you order if you do not know how. Just ask around.

Fish ‘n’ chips

Kingfisher Fish and Chips, Plymouth

Best Foods List That's Definitely Worth Travelling Around The Globe For

As a good old saying puts it, “Old is gold.“ So, trust to find something extra special in anything that’s been around since the 1860s. Fish and Chips is a crunchy-outside, soft-inside dish of simple, fundamental food that’s a huge favorite of the British Working Class.

The best place to enjoy Fish and Chips is at Kingfisher Fish And Chips Restaurant in Plymouth. Diners, be advised, there’ll certainly be a second time.


Des Gâteaux et du Pain, France

Best Foods List That's Definitely Worth Travelling Around The Globe For

How best can we describe Croissant?

Well, let’s say it’s a magnificent, glistening pastry that’s just as good on the inside as it is on the outside. Trust the croissant recipe at the Des Gateaux et du Pain bistro located at 63 Boulevard Pasteur in central Paris to steal your heart with its regal balance of good quality butter and sublime flavour. You’re sure to have a couple of bites to remember in a long while. Here’s a super cool reason to plan a trip to Paris? Absolutely!


Little Owl, New York

Best Foods List That's Definitely Worth Travelling Around The Globe For

This is, without doubt, the coolest addition to our best foods list. There’s no better place to grab a hamburger than New York. Sitting top of the Maestro Resto list is a small Greenwich Village bistro called Little Owl. The hamburgers there taste incredibly nice, they’ll leave you wondering why you don’t eat them every day. Trust us when we say, you’re in for the best cheeseburger experience ever. 

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