Where are all my foodies at? This blog post is for you! If you’re looking to expand your palette and just explore foods from different parts of the world, we’ve got you! Sometimes, there’s no better way to feel good on the inside than to put some good stuff on the inside. So, if you’re looking for some extra reasons to waltz around the world, here’s our best foods list that’s definitely worth traveling around the globe.

Tacos – Mexico

Traditional Mexican dish made of corn tortilla and fillings. A popular choice in Mexico and outside the Mexican shores, they also serve as a comfort food. You can find Tacos anywhere in Mexico from the street stalls to restaurants. Known to have been a staple long before the Spaniards came into Mexico, there has been some external influence in the way its made. Pop into any neighborhood Taqueria for an exotic experience of Mexican tacos. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone in the tacos frenzy. And if you’re ever in doubt, just one mouthful of the amazing ‘tacos al pastor’ at El Pastorcito in Mexico City is enough to change your mind.

Find Best Tacos | Authentic Mexican Food | Sugar Land TX

Lasagne – Italy

This is possibly the oldest type of pasta. Thin layers of pasta with fillings like vegetables, cheese, seasonings and spices. Lasagna is usually baked and served in square portions. It is eaten all over the world despite its origination from Italy. It’s not surprising how Lasagna beat Neopolitan pizza to the #1 Italian delicacy spot on this list.

Pin on food...yum!!

Sushi – Tokyo

Japan is popular for a ton of cool stuff, and Sushi is easily one of them. Sushi effortlessly features on our best food list  and there’s no better place to eat sushi, than inside Japan. Made of vinegared rice, raw sea food, sugar and vegetables, you can be rest assured of having a feast of flavors in your mouth.

Sushi vs. Sashimi: What's the Difference?

Rendang – Indonesia

Originating from the Minangkabau region of Indonesia, Rendang is basically a sumptuous meal dish. This meal has expanded beyond the shores of Indonesia and is being enjoyed by neighboring countries. Its a ceremonial dish of the Minangkabau region and recognised as one of Indonesia’s national dishes. Meat, mostly beef is slowly cooked in coconut milk and spices, till it is tender and brown.

Beef Rendang | Easiest Recipe | | Recipe | Recipes, Food, Beef

Fish ‘n’ Chips – U.K.

A very popular food choice in the U.K that consists of fish fried in batter with chips or French fries. its generally considered one of Britain’s national dishes. They are available anywhere from pubs to high end restaurants. You’re welcome. Fish and chips is a crunchy-outside, soft-inside simple dish that’s a huge favorite of the British Working Class.

Classic British Fish and Chips Recipe

Croissant – France

How best can we describe Croissant? Heaven in form of food. a buttery and flaky pastry, you can be sure its as good on the inside as it is on the outside. France is known for its totally amazing desserts so its no surprise that Croissants are on the list. Although it is of Austrian origin, its still a French delight. Thinking of more than one reason to plan a trip to France? Here you have it!

Croissants Recipe - NYT Cooking

Hamburger -U.S.A.

This is, without doubt, the coolest addition to our best foods list. Usually called burgers, its made of ground meat, cheese and veggies sandwiched between two buns of bread. Eating a hamburger definitely leaves a part of flavors in your mouth. Most times, it is usually with a side of fries.

Burgers ^ Pinterest: Jada Isaacs | Food goals, Food, Food lover

There you have it! A list of some of our foods we suggest you try from different parts of the world. Whenever you find yourself in any of these countries, be sure to taste any food from our list. As always, Wakanow is always available to help you achieve all travel dreams.

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