The world would be a better place if we were all perfect hopeless romantics, don’t you agree? But the unfortunate reality is that we all arent. Some of us need a little help in the romance departmentwe need that push to make things extra magicalfor our partners this Valentines day despite the fact that we love them very much. So for those of us that aren’t natural lovebirds, weve come up with a list of things for you to NOT to do this Valentines Day to make it work and just as special. As they say, prevention is better than cure!


Do not leave your Valentine’s Day plans until last minute

Three Things NOT To Do This Valentine’s Day!

We cannot stress this enough! This is the main thing you should definitely avoid doing. If not, you run the risk of upsetting your partner and letting them down. Believe us, no one wants an angry or upset partner on the day thats dedicated to love and showing your appreciation for them. So make sure to book your Valentines Day plans early enough so theres no hassle. Be it a romantic dinner date for two or an awesome weekend getaway somewhere not too far from home that offers pure relaxation.

Check out “staycation” deals (vacations that are close to home), we’ve got just for you and your loved one.



Do not mention past Valentine’s days spent with your exes

Three Things NOT To Do This Valentine’s Day!

Ladies, please (and guys too)! Its common courtesy to not bring up other romantic moments you’ve spent with an ex when youre meant to be having a special moment with the person you truly love. Not only will it make your boyfriend or girlfriend feel uncomfortable but itll also make them feel like you dont appreciate all the effort theyve gone through to make this Valentines day extra special for you. So please keep all memories of past Valentines Day to yourself this time!


Do not be stressed or distracted on the special day

Three Things NOT To Do This Valentine’s Day!

We know work and responsibilities can be overwhelming, and its hard to find the energy to be romantic when youre not fully relaxed. Sometimes all you need is time to put your feet up and wind down. If you know youre not going to be completely at ease and really live in the moment with your partner this Valentines day because youre stressed, you should probably try the spa date surprise idea we suggested in our previous article.

Its like killing two birds with one stone: youre getting your much needed relaxation, and making your partner happy whilst celebrating Vals day with them. Shhhh, you dont have to tell them the spa booking was for you just as much as it was for them.


Stick to these three Do Notsand youll be sure to have an amazing Valentines Day with your special loved one. And even though you may not be a natural hopeless romantic, theyll have no reason to believe that youre not!

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