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For every trip, food is just as important as the transportation. A lot of people love to experiment with the foods of the different places they visit but care must be taken so you don’t exhaust your travel allowance just on feeding. We already gave you tips on how to save money on flight fares, below are tips to help you eat well while not breaking the bank.

  • Plan Your Meals – Figure out where you will be and eat before you actually go out. This is not just good for your wallet, but your stomach too since you will probably find economical restaurants that offer great food.
  • Cook for Yourself – Not many people do this but cooking while on vacation can sometimes be quite fun. Since the experience is new (cookware, dining area, supermarkets etc), it’s actually quite fun.
  • Meals Carryover – Want a breakfast that cost nothing? Ask for some bread to-go at the restaurant the night before.
  • Avoid Breakfast from the Hotels – Chances are good that the breakfast from the hotel is expensive so unless the hotel room comes with a complimentary breakfast, it probably pays to walk out the front door in the morning and find a local cafe. You might just stumble onto the local favorite.
  • Eat More at Lunch Than Dinners – Fancy lunches are often much less expensive than dinners. If you eat a big breakfast, lunch and a light dinner, it’s also healthier.
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