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Christmas Family Vacation Tips: How to Save Money

Christmas Family Vacation Tips: How to Save Money

[dropcap text_color=”” background_color=””]Y[/dropcap] ou’ve always wanted to do this. You’ve always wanted to reward your family with a vacation, and now here you are. You want to make sure you’re spending your money on the right things. This post will help you make the most of your budget family Christmas vacation this year. True, you may need to make some trade-offs but we’re certain even after that, you’ll still be left with a fantastic Christmas experience.

Book Early

Flights generally get more expensive as Christmas approaches. Booking early for your flight is always a wise thing to do. When we say early we don’t mean a few days. More like months ahead. Another tip on booking: be open to having your departure shifted by a day or two. This can possibly open you up to discount deals from the airline.

Compare Flights

Be sure to compare flight ticket prices among different airlines on Wakanow – after all, you’re on Wakanow because you want ticket prices that suit your Christmas family budget. Try different flight dates combinations and see if they result in a drop in your price.

Book a Return Ticket

You will be coming back from the vacation someday, right? It pays most of the time to book a return flight. It’s a sign of commitment from you to the airline, a sign that most airlines are willing to reward.

Fly before Rush Hour or After

High school economics applies here – the higher the demand, the higher the price. Flying at rush hour sort of makes you have to compete with others for space in an aeroplane, which naturally pushes the price up at this period. Flying (not just booking) weeks ahead means your vacations start and you can enjoy the vacation area before anyone everyone else.

Try Newer Destinations

Once you’ve been to the most popular destinations that everyone knows, try exploring other places that may be cheaper while offering as fantastic an experience. This is good both for your budget vacation and your experience. It sounds way more fun to say “We’ve been to Dubai, Cape Town, Rome, Dublin, Zanzibar, Sydney, Seychelles and Abu Dhabi” than “We’ve been to Dubai eight times.”

Hire a Car

Getting a cab every time you need to move out with your family can be tiring. It’s just simpler and more sensible hire a car. It allows for flexibility, saves you money and keeps ‘you control’ – literally. Remember to move with important documents and learn how to keep safe while on your Christmas family vacation.

Eat Out

When you have a family to feed, hotel food may at times feel unnecessarily expensive. We can relate. Why not take a moment, get out and discover new places to eat in the area. Remember to keep these safety points in mind when you go out in a city you don’t know too well.

City Centre is Overrated

It might look like there’s just nothing as comparable to vacationing at an expensive hotel that’s right in the middle of the city, but that’s not always true. Why not consider vacationing at a hotel just a couple of miles from the city centre. The few minutes of extra drive won’t kill anyone; your kids will probably see it as more adventure. This option is easier once your family hires a car.

Get The Right Card.

Talk to your bank beforehand that you’ll be travelling soon and you’re looking to explore credit or debit card options available for travel. With the manner the naira has been faring lately against the dollar, this might be a life-saver. But even if your bank doesn’t have a special product to cater for your travel, it’s a good time to seek free advice about spending money abroad.

Find Discounts

When shopping, ask fellow moms around in the city (or search online) where to find discount deals and coupons. Never assume there’s none. Always ask.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance may look like a rip-off the moment you’re initially asked whether to include it in your flight booking. In the event of a mishap, though, you’d be glad you chose the Travel Insurance option, as you sit back while Wakanow handles this for you.

Get an International Travel SIM

If you fly regularly, you know how expensive it is to receive a call while you roam. We bet that during a season like Christmas you make and receive many calls. Wakanow International Travel SIM lets you make calls at the same local rates as in the country you are in and receive calls for close to free in most places.

Pay Small Small

Who doesn’t want an opportunity to [highlight color=”yellow” text_color=”” background_color=”” background_opacity=”1.00″] pay for flights in instalments [/highlight]– over months? Wakanow’s PSS scheme allows you do just that. Take advantage of this and make your family Christmas holiday just perfect.

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