Cheap Flights to Abuja: International or Local

Abuja is the “centre of unity” in Nigeria – she goes by that slogan – and there are many attractions in the city such as Gurara falls, Zuma rock, Millennium Park and numerous attractions. Perhaps your mission in Abuja is to transact business in which case you may stay longer than tourists. Whatever your purpose is in the Federal Capital Territory, there are a few things to know about flights and flying to Abuja.


Flying in Internationally


At the moment Abuja is not at the top of the list of tourist destinations, there’s no need to air-brush this fact. Unfortunately, many people outside the country now associate Abuja with Boko Haram and Bomb Blasts. Don’t let this discourage you from visiting Abuja, as it still largely remains a safe city with low crime rates. Most international flights coming into the FCT are from the UK, hence the many flight options such as Arik Air and British Airways, flying from London to Abuja with rates starting from £200.

Other airlines that operate flights on this route are Lufthansa Airlines, KLM, Egypt Air and Ethiopian Airways. So far KLM seems to offer the cheapest flights to Abuja along that route. Sometimes you may have to take several flights to connect to Abuja. For instance if you are flying in from Tokyo, you would have to stop over in Dubai or London before arriving in Abuja. This arrangement, although cheaper, can be exhausting. If you live in a city that flies only to Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, you will have to take a domestic flight of just under an hour to get to Abuja.

Flying in Locally

Within Nigeria, flights to Abuja are frequent and cheap. All domestic airline operators fly to and from Abuja daily. However your main problem might be with the abrupt delays, cancellations, shabby treatment from airport staff and numerous other inconveniences. Read the Abuja International Airport to get the dish on the good, bad and ugly sides of abuja’s airport. From N20,000 or $125 you can hope on a flight to anywhere in Nigeria on Wakanow.



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  2. Spies flybilletter says:

    Wow, £200 to visit Abuja from the UK doesn’t sounds like much. I know it will probably be a little more expensive but I was expecting to see a much different price. Might as well put it on the “To Visit” list if I can get over my fear of bombings.

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