Exploring the Russia2018 Host Cities
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Exploring the Russia2018 Host Cities

The biggest football tournament is only just days away and you’re definitely going to need a tour guide to help in exploring the Russia2018 host cities – they are 11 in total! There’s no need to get overwhelmed, each city has it’s own defined uniqueness you are going to appreciate. Now let’s get to it:


Exploring the Russia2018 Host Cities
Get ready to be in the heartbeat of two worlds. Kaliningrad has an interesting mix of old and new architecture, with the oldest dating back to the 13th century. This city houses almost 460,000 and is rich in culture, museums, and theatres. Nature lovers are in for a treat! Enjoy the pristine and serene beaches.

Russia2018 fans taking in a game at the Kaliningrad stadium will be treated to a brand new venue and an open-air stadium.


Exploring the Russia2018 Host Cities
Kazan is a lively university city. This city can be considered one of the most widely appealing cities on the Russia2018 schedule. There is plenty to see and do in this city – from historical buildings to live opera or ballet to trendy restaurants and boutiques. It is without a doubt a fantastic city to spend time in during the Russia2018 World Cup. Little wonder it is known as ‘ a city in the city’.

The Kazan Arena would host some games during the World Cup. The unique arena seats around 45,000 and is easily recognizable due to its massive HD screen adorning the front of the building.


Exploring the Russia2018 Host Cities
Moscow is the largest city in Russia with twice as many people as its closest competitor – Saint Petersburg). Moscow is a modern city steeped in history pulling more than 4 million tourists every year. There is so much to see in Moscow. Hint: Visit the Red Square.

Moscow is the only city at this Russia2018 World Cup with more than one venue hosting the games: The Spartak Stadium is also known as the Otkritie Arena and the iconic Luzhniki Stadium – the oldest and largest stadium in the tournament. It will be hosting the opening match, a semi-final, and the World Cup Final.

Nizhny Novgorod

Exploring the Russia2018 Host Cities
Nizhny Novgorod or more commonly known as Nizhny is Russia’s fifth-largest city and one of the country’s business, transportation, and cultural capitals. Although there are over 600 historic, architectural, and cultural monuments to explore, the highlight is the city is Kremlin – It’s a must-see.

Nizhny’s brand new stadium boasts one of the best locations in the city, overlooking the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral where the Volga and Oka Rivers meet.


Exploring the Russia2018 Host Cities

This modern city can be described as eccentric. It really is a fun and unique place to visit; take a scenic stroll along the riverside; spend an afternoon shopping for anything and everything at the Central Rinok (Bazaar), or take in a performance at the Rostov State Opera and Ballet.

Rostov Arena would be hosting some of the Russia2018 World Cup games.

Saint Petersburg

Exploring the Russia2018 Host Cities
Second, only to Moscow in size, Saint Petersburg is a picturesque port city on the Baltic Sea. It is an appealing destination with bubbly art and music scene. This modern city has 342 bridges atop its rivers and canals, not surprisingly earning it comparisons to Venice. The city is a feast for the senses – Check out the Winter Palace complex, which houses over 3 million pieces of art from around the globe.

Saint Petersburg Stadium has a retractable roof and holds close to 70,000 fans, one of the largest in the tournament.


Exploring the Russia2018 Host Cities
Samara’s lovely beaches could easily just be the city’s biggest attraction. Expect to see the locals and visitors gather on the sandy shores of the Volga to sunbathe, swim, or stroll along the beach. It’s a great atmosphere with plenty of cafés and beer tents to be found. If the beach life isn’t your thing, the city has plenty of other attractions to take in during your World Cup experience.

The Samara Arena features a monorail that will shuttle fans to and from the match. The stadium is an architectural wonder – It is designed to resemble a gem, an 80-meter high dome of translucent glass panels. Samara Arena will seat approximately 45,000 people.


Exploring the Russia2018 Host Cities
Saransk will be one of the smaller host cities at the 2018 World Cup. However, what this city lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty. Located on the Saranka River, this city has plenty of historical buildings, theaters, museums, and well-maintained parks. Saransk is also well-known for its sporting achievements and is the hometown of many Olympic and World champions.

Located on the banks of the River Insar, Mordovia Arena’s design is built to resemble a solar sphere. The Mordovia Arena has a seating capacity of about 45,000.


Exploring the Russia2018 Host Cities
Sochi is Russia’s largest resort city, with a backdrop of the majestic Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea. Go on some adventure sports like mountain climbing or hang-gliding, find an idyllic spot to relax and lounge by the pool.

The Fisht Stadium in Sochi would be used for the Russia2018 World Cup tournament.


Exploring the Russia2018 Host Cities

Formerly known as Stalingrad, Volgograd is perhaps best known for the infamous battle that took place there during the Second World War. Since then, the city was completely rebuilt and renamed. When in Volgograd, a visit to the Mamayev Kurgan memorial complex is a must-do, and take a minute to appreciate its magnificent Soviet Baroque architecture.

Volgograd Arena is a modern-looking stadium will have a capacity for 45,000 fans.


Exploring the Russia2018 Host Cities
Ekaterinburg tops the list when it comes to unusual attractions – the mafia cemetery (complete with graves decorated with life-size images of late mafia members), the circus building, the QWERTY Monument – a giant keyboard replica built out of concrete blocks.

Ekaterinburg Arena – Central Stadium is one of only a few existing stadiums that will host World Cup matches in 2018.

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