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Exciting Things To Do in Jordan

Jordan is an evolving holiday destination and one of the most peaceful countries in the middle east. With Wakanow’s holiday packages, you can explore Jordan and all of the beauty it has to offer. Here’s a list of exciting things to do in Jordan:

Amman City Tour

Explore Jordan’s capital city by going on a tour of Amman and get to experience exciting places like the Jordan museum, the citadel, the roman theatre, go shopping in a traditional bazaar and many more.

Jerash City Tour

Discover and learn the history of the ancient roman ruins in Jerash. The Roman and Greek architecture here is so well preserved. Enjoy viewing the temples, plazas, and the amphitheater.

Petra City Tour

View some of Petra’s hidden gems like the spirits towers and the obelisk tomb. Visit the multi-colored mountains that lead to the treasuries often called the best hand carved monuments in Petra.

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Dead Sea

Also called the salt sea is the lowest point of the earth. It is a place of religious significance between Israel and Jordan. Enjoy a mud bath that is believed to have healing qualities and wash off in the Dead sea. You can feel the softness just after you wash off.

Wadi Rum Desert

Jordan’s most visited tourist attraction site and the reason is apparent. Its mars-like look and red rocky sands make it a top choice for movie directors. Explore the Khazali canyon, Frouth rock bridge, red sand dunes. You can even rent a 4×4 if you’re feeling really adventurous.

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Jordanian Nightlife

Jordan’s nightlife can be exciting so strap up your boots and get into it. It is a relatively safe country so its easy for you to catch all the fun you can when you want to. Indulge your palates in yummy Jordanian meals especially because Jordanians show warmth via offering food.

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