The smell of wild meat roasting over charcoal. The ultimate beast of a feast.  A grand appetite awakening for meat lovers, here’s our Carnivore Restaurant Review as a great service to all foodie lovers in Nairobi, Kenya 😉

The Carnivore Restaurant is a unique spot to satisfy your hunger pangs before venturing into the Masai Mara for an epic African Safari thrill.

As you step into the restaurant, you are instantly welcomed by the heat emanating from the huge barbeque pit packed with real swords of juicy cuts – beef, pork, lamb, chicken and more. Yup! It is not for the light eater.

Carnivore Restaurant Review - A Beast of A Feast!

Source: Kenya Hotels

Set in a beautiful tropical garden,  the atmosphere feeds off the vibe of a rustic setting and a medieval banquet hall feast. The restaurant’s unique animal-print interior décor offers a straight out of Africa ambience within the city of Nairobi.

Carnivore Restaurant Review - A Beast of A Feast!

Source: Carnivore Restaurant

Let the aroma make your mouth water and drive your curiosity as you watch the African attired waiters busily walk around from table to table carrying full skewers (traditional Masai swords) that offer an array of meat to be carved right at your table.  

Carnivore Restaurant Review - A Beast of A Feast!

Source: Kenya Hotels

Aside from the usual beef, lamb and pork options, be daring enough to try wild cuts of camel, ostrich and crocodile!  A wide selection of salads, vegetable side dishes, and a variety of exotic sauces also accompany the meat feast. Talk about a feeding frenzy!

Carnivore Restaurant Review - A Beast of A Feast!

Source: Kenya Hotels

The experience at Carnivore Restaurant works on an easy ‘eat-all-you-can-eat’ basis: as long as the flag on your table is flying, waiters will keep bringing meat. If you’re in need of a breather, simply tip the flag over temporarily and if you’ve finally had your fill, keep the flag down as the parade of meat is relentless!

Carnivore Restaurant Review - A Beast of A Feast!

Your ‘Carnivore Experience’ would feel incomplete without having ‘Dawa’ – a sundown drink made of Vodka, dark sugar lime, crushed ice and a Dawa honey stick. African folklore even suggests that the Dawa is a traditional medicinal drink that cures all ailments.  

The Carnivore Restaurant truly does not conform to normal restaurant traditions. This restaurant truly switches it up!

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