Dubai is like a mixture of several different cities- it’s a complicated cocktail. One part for the glamour and excess, one part for the size and one part modern Islamic metropolis. Mix that all together and serve it straight up, with a twist. The recipe is one-of-a-kind, and it’s definitely worth a visit or more. So whether it’s Christmas you plan to visit Dubai or New Year there is always a wide range of fun things to do.

For a destination which has been described as the city of the future with the magic of the present, there’s no destination in the entire UAE that can withstand the allure of this glitzy city.

How about these fun things? Here are a few suggestions:


Skydive Dubai Launches Tandem Experience for Children

Experience a breathtaking free-fall and parachute ride with Skydive Dubai, one of the city’s top attractions among intrepid individuals and visiting celebrities

Watching Camel Race

Camels Racing

Camel racing is a traditional sports of UAE which is centuries-old tradition across the Arabic peninsula. Camel racing continues to thrive as a formal sport with the Dubai Camel Racing Club. If you are ever in Dubai, it’s worth taking a trek to the outskirts to witness this fantastic event.

Having Dinner in the Sky

Have Dinner in the Sky at Dubai's Habtoor Grand Hotel | POPSUGAR Middle  East Food

If you are looking forward to dine in one of the most unusual places, dinner in the sky is a unique place to have your dining experience. You can enjoy a one of a kind lunch or dinner experience while gazing on the Dubai Skyline 50 meters high. Make your special day an unforgettable experience by having a Dinner in the Sky.

Other fun things to do during your visit to Dubai are:

  • Desert Safari: Explore the beautiful scenery of the vast desert and enjoy a delicious barbequed meal while listening to music.
  • Big Bus Tour: Enjoy sightseeing Dubai’s key attractions with the Big Bus Tour!
  • Dhow Cruise: Hop aboard the famed Dhow Cruise for exceptional delicacies and some star-gazing.
  • You can have fun during your visit to Dubai by playing paintball, bowling, ice skating, iFLY and many more!

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    This is informative, attractive and worth exploring very soon.

  2. Celine October 4, 2018 at 7:31 am Reply

    This sounds really fun!! Ski Dubai, which is located at the Mall of the Emirates covers an amazing 22,500 square meters covered with real snow all year round. This is one of the best and fun filled destination in Dubai.

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