Mic Check – One Two! One Two!

My name is Maraji and I just got back from one of East Africa’s most treasured countries, Kenya! So I guess I’m in the IJGB gang now 🙂

Let me tell you about all the exciting things I got up to in Mombasa and Nairobi.

I’ve got you guys, let’s go!  

Mombasa, Kenya

Day 1 – Flying to Mombasa

So! I met the Wakanow team at the airport and it took less than 5 minutes to check in my luggage and receive my boarding pass from the Kenya Airways desk – perks of flying Business Class 😉

Met a few of my Instafam at the airport. I guess they knew about my trip from the video I posted on IG before. Then we went to wait for our flight at the amazing, super comfy SDS lounge.

Maraji Kenya

I got on the airplane before other passengers – as per celebrity behavior. Shout out to Kenya Airways!! They had these mad nuts on the flight and I ate everything! 🙂 My fave was the Macadamia nuts.

We landed in Nairobi and then hopped on a connecting Kenya Airways flight to Mombasa. From the airport in Mombasa, we drove to Diani. The car actually had to drive onto a ferry to get to Diani. We stayed at the Swahili Beach Resort and it was like a palace! I even got upgraded and my room was breathtaking! The view and bed were out of this world. I legit felt like I was in heaven.

Swahili Beach Resort has many pools with clear blue water – I’ve never ever seen water so blue. I had already forgotten Nigeria tbh!

I was starving by dinner time and Swahili Beach Resort did not disappoint with its delicious buffet service. The food was definitely worth the wait, I literally packed everything in sight. Like, look at this??!

For more delicious Kenyan dishes click here


Day 2 – Dolphins, Seafood, and Magical Mombasa!

We visited this really cool place called Shimoni. It was so beautiful, it looked like a scene from “Moana”! We learned that Shimoni is a fish marketing center and every tourist’s favorite spot.

Then we went to Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park that had this beautiful beach. Even though I can’t swim, I used oversabi to try snorkeling and saw lots of tiny colorful fishes and beautiful coral reefs. I also watched Dolphins doing their thing in the ocean. Too cute!

Maraji Kenya

We visited Wasini Island where we had some delicious fresh seafood for lunch. I got to try some of all that abroad seafood mede-mede – lobster, crabs, calamari, and octopus. I meannnn!

Maraji in Kenya


Day 3 – I fell… From. The. Sky!

Maraji In Kenya

Wakanow has so many cool activities in Kenya and when I found out I could go Skydiving, I was super TERRIFIED! So off we went to SkydiveDiani to jump out of a plane. My! God!

It was really cold above the clouds and then the Skydivediani guy taps my shoulder and just like that, we’re falling from the sky! I was just screaming “my mummy, my daddy, my sister, Jesus! ” Then the parachute opened and we slowed to a nice cruise over the island. It was so beautiful seeing the world from up there. It was crazy fun and you should definitely try it once.

My instructor was super cool and the guys at the Skydivediani were so funny, so I felt very relaxed. Also, for tips on how to keep your wig in place under any circumstance, hit me up! 😛

As a member of the Great Foodie Association of Foodness, I was excited to learn how to make pizza. So I took my fine self down to the pizza spot at Swahili Beach Resort and made the best pizza I had ever tasted 🙂 I won’t lie, the “Maraji sauce pizza” was delish!

Maraji Kenya

The lovely team at Swahili Beach Resort also offered me the chance to be a bartender for the day at the Barharini . I learned how to mix a Blue Hawaii cocktail. Tasty stuff!

So I jumped out of a plane, I was a bartender and a pizza making baby girl, all in one day! #Werkwerkwerkwerkwerk


Day 4- Princess Time

After yesterday’s activity, I had to allow myself be treated like a princess. I got my first spa treatment at the Swahili Spa in Swahili Beach Resort. It was a very relaxing experience and I felt like I was floating after.

For my final night at Swahili Beach Resort ( Sobs :’(  ), I was treated to a Teppanyaki style dinner at their Seafood and Teppanyaki Restaurant. It was my first Japanese meal and it was so cool to watch everything being cooked right in front of my eyes! The chef cooked up a storm, literally! I even used chopsticks for the first time without any assistance – Lagos babe can never carry last!


Part 2 of my Kenya adventure coming up really soon! 🙂

Maraji In Kenya

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    Lovely. Looks like mad fun.
    Would live to do this.

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    Amazing , I hope to visit soon

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    Wish I would win to experience this.
    For u, an experience to never forget

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    Awn!!! You really enjoyed yourself.

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    Wow, this is awesome, so cool. I do wish to do this sometime soon…

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    Wow she really had madt fun I wish to go to Kenya when i return also

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