Things You Need To Know About Traveling To Egypt

  All arrivals must have a valid visa either issued from the Egypt embassy directly OR have applied ahead for Visa on Arrival. Kindly note, you must be in possession of your Visa Control Approval number. Airport arrival / departure : Check-in starts in Lagos and Abuja from 9am and ends by 12 noon. Airport arrival time in Cairo is 20:50pm (Arrival and departure time is subject to operational changes from the Airline) Weather in Egypt : The weather is very sunny & warm (Temperature can rise up to 40 degrees) in Cairo & Sharm El Sheikh What to pack for your trip: Light clothing , Sunglasses ,Comfortable walking shoes (Sneakers, Flip flops and flat shoes), Sunscreen Time Difference : Egypt is 3 hours ahead of Nigeria. COVID Test Essential Information Outbound Test – COVID-19 PCR test MUST be done within 48 hours before departure. Tests done more than 72 hours before departure are not valid and persons will not be allowed to board. It is required for all travelers out of Nigeria to log into the Nigerian International Travel portal at and use the outbound feature of the portal to schedule and make payment for COVID-19 testing at one of the approved fee-paying labs. Inbound Test – The post arrival COVID-19 PCR test should be done on the 7th day after arrival. You will be contacted to schedule an appointment by the private laboratory you selected during online registration and payment. PCR Test in EgyptAll passengers traveling to Egypt MUST be in possession of negative PCR test (48) hours before departure time of the last direct flight to Egypt. Currency: The currency used is Egyptian Pounds. Change currency to how much you need at a time. Nigerian debit cards can be used at ATMs for withdrawal and also with POS. ATMs are relatively located in both cities but since you’ll be spending a lot of time outside of populated areas, you’ll need to carefully plan and manage your money. Travel Adaptors : To plug your phones, laptops or any electrical device, you will require a type F adaptor. Telecommunications: The three main telecommunication companies in Egypt are Vodafone, Orange and Etisalat. Pre-paid packages are available for both calls and data usage but, perhaps, the easiest and recommended carrier is Vodafone because of the convenience of picking it up right at the airport in the luggage carousel area. Language: The official language is Arabic. Although, our tour guides have a good command of English. Arrival at Cairo International Airport : Kindly note that upon arrival at the Cairo airport, you have to look out for someone with a board displaying Wakanow OR you can also locate our partner office KARNAK, which would be located just before the immigration. The team from KARNAK will also be on ground to assist with visa on arrival and through immigration. Kindly provide all details of hotel bookings and visa control numbers to representatives to aid visa on arrival sticker. Safety: Egyptians are incredibly friendly. Tourism is the number one contributor to the country, with this in mind, Egyptians are doing all they can to ensure the negative perception about the, changes. There is also a steady police presence everywhere with security check points at many of the tourism sites and also on the highways. Nightlife in Cairo: Cairo comes alive at night, the locals always know how to enjoy themselves. Alcohol isn’t a huge part of social life, but areas like Zamalek are popular with partygoers. Cairo jazz Club, Shahrazad Cairo, Crimson Bar and Grill. Shopping in Egypt- Where to Shop: There is a local market in almost every district of Egypt. The most popular ones are Khan El Khalili in Cairo. From grocery to souvenirs, everything is available at reasonable prices. If you want to purchase branded items, visit malls like City Stars, Old Market (Flea & Street markets) and Cairo Festival City Mall.

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