Port Harcourt is Rivers State’s capital city which is located along the Bonny River in the Niger Delta. It is fondly called ‘The Garden City’ and why so? Probably because of one of its famous park and garden called Isaac Boro Garden Park which is a beautiful public park and outdoor recreation center dedicated to the memory of a Niger Delta hero and military icon- Maj. Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro. The park gives a historic feel as well as a place for relaxation. It is one of Port Harcourt’s oldest tourist attractions that was commissioned in 1988 and has been a spot for tourists and locals alike.

The park has a large garden with lots of patio chairs and treetops to shield the sun. It’s a lovely and serene place I must say.  At Isaac Boro park, peace and serenity reigns supreme as it provides a fun avenue for tourists to enjoy the views and moments of urban dwellers doing their everyday business which the sweet, relaxed nature of the park allows. The park is also a perfect place to enjoy fresh new palm wine with other local delicacies. Who wouldn’t want that? When you want to visit Isaac Boro park, take along the stuff you would normally take to the beach or for a picnic to have a fun experience. I came fully prepared which is why I had a swell time.

Another unmissable thing to view in the park is a museum with tour guides available to drive you through. The museum has beautiful sculptures of past military men and their weapons of war which is so because the park is named after, Isaac Boro, a former military officer.

Alternatively, the park is also home to baseball and softball in Port Harcourt. Likewise, on several occasions, the park hosted the annual international trade fair and regularly serves as a venue for memorable events such as the Armed Forces Remembrance Day, the Workers’ Day and the National Youth Service send-off parade ceremonies.

When it comes to visiting the park, accommodation should be the least concern as there are affordable and 3-star hotels located near the garden park such as: Juanita hotel, Golden tulip, Muriela hotels, Tevit homes, De infinity skye suite, Sangana hotel.

What do you think about the Garden city? I think its worth visiting.

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