Best Places To Visit For Christmas

Christmas is the best time to explore fascinating places the world has to offer, the most beautiful time of the year to create lifelong memories with loved ones. This is the season to be jolly and immerse yourself in joy, laughter, and good vibes. With this being a new wave, here’s a list of 5 best places to visit for Christmas this break.


The best thing about Dubai is that it never gets old, there are always new things to do and places to explore in this great city. No matter your passion or personality, Dubai is the perfect fit to make your passion a reality. Explore the underwater zoo, the miracle garden tour, Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall and so much more. The best part, Wakanow has amazing package deals to make this Dubai trip a reality.

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Accra has been an overlooked holiday destination, seeing as it is very close to our home country (Nigeria). However there are top places to visit in Ghana’s capital. The beauty about Accra is its rich African culture and friendly citizens that make the trip one remember. To a tour of the art market, soak in the Ghanaian history and treat your taste buds to the African delicacies. Accra has the perfect mix of culture and a blend of good vibes. This is why you need to explore Accra soon

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If you’re the kind of person that will prefer a white Christmas, Paris in the winter time will be the perfect choice to spend with your loved ones. Cuddle up in one of Paris’s cosy cafe, take a stroll while watching the Eiffel tour light up. Fall in love all over again while sailing along Seine River, soak in the beauty this amazing city has to offer. These attractions in Paris will blow your mind.


If you’ll want to do things a bit different this Yuletide season, Moscow is your best bet. Embrace the cold season and step into the land where history was made. Enjoy a white Christmas in Moscow, when you go ice skating or watch the famous ice ballet performance. A Christmas trip to Moscow is not complete without a souvenir. Have an unforgettable experience in the Soviet Union.

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Cape Town

The best thing about Cape Town is the blend of African culture and the sprinkle of modern-day twists. Cape town has your name written on it if you’re one that enjoys the wildlife, nature and active tours. Cape Town is buzzing with groovy scenes and trendy lounges that include sundowner spots. Look no further than South Africa!

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Happy Holidays in Advance

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