Discover the Magic of Morocco

Morocco, also referred to as the kingdom of light, is a top destination for travel enthusiasts. A journey through the magic of Morocco unfolds with enchanting deserts, the magical desserts, colourful markets and calming scenery will make your trip totally worth it.

Located in Northern Africa, Morocco extends its warmth to everyone. There are tons of calming and adrenaline-inducing activities that will keep you engaged all through your trip. For the best holiday packages, book your trip(s)  with Wakanow and indulge in all the best things this destination has to offer.

Why is Morocco Special?

Morocco is an extraordinary destination that opens you up to its intricate architecture and history. There are tons of iconic landmarks all around the country for you to explore. It is also a melting pot of different cultures like the Arab, Berber and French which has contributed vastly to their rich culinary heritage.

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Places To Visit and Immerse Yourself in The Magic of Morocco


The capital city of Morocco is a fusion of its beautiful history and modernity. The city’s coastline and parks are a testament to its beauty. Indulge in sightseeing at the Hassan Mosque, Chellah necropolis, Archaeological museum and lots more.




Morocco’s red city is a popular destination among travel enthusiasts. No matter what you choose to do, you’re bound to have an exciting time. Walk through the stunning souks or visit Jamaa El Fna, Majorelle Garden for some sightseeing.

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Nestled in the northern part of Morocco, it is known as the gateway to Africa because of its history in trade. Visit the beaches, the Kasbah and the Tangier great Mosque. To embrace the local culture, go spice shopping in the souks or play with the local wildlife like donkeys and camels.



Easily described as the economic heartbeat of Morocco, a trip to this city will leave you mesmerised. Casablanca’s modern appeal blends well with its ancient mystery which gives it a perfect vibe. For a memorable experience, visit the magnificent Hassan II Mosque. 

What Is the Most Interesting Thing About Morocco?

There are a lot of interesting things to know about Morocco but here are a few:

  • Morocco is the most visited country in Africa.
  • Traditional Moroccan houses are called Riads
  • Most Moroccans are multilingual
  • There are 4 unique imperial cities: Rabat, Meknes, Marrakech & Fez .

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