Fun Places To Visit In Nigeria

A lot of people hardly think of Africa when planning fun, exotic vacations. However, there are some really interesting, fun natural reserves that abound in the continent. Our dear Nigeria too has been richly blessed with an abundance of sights and sounds to make your vacation truly an experience worth repeating, especially if you travel with family.

There are natural beaches along the sea coast from Lagos to Port Harcourt. Inland there are many unique hills, waterfalls, springs, caves, lakes throughout the country, many of them now fully developed for tourists’ enjoyment and leisure. Below are a few spots you may want to check out if you decide to visit Nigeria on a vacation. You can book flights and hotels to these destinations easily on Wakanow

Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar

No matter how much people troop to this exclusive resort, it never loses its luster. Obudu Ranch Resort is a good place for nature lovers – eco-tourists, bird watchers and hikers. After a hard day’s hike through the mountains and forests, visitors can retire to comfortable modern accommodations.
The food is excellent and the entertainment varied. There is a water park with a swimming pool and water slide for the use of guests. There is horseback riding, a golf course, and night-time bonfires.

Yankari Games Reserve, Bauchi State

This reserve is home to over 50 species of wild animals, including baboons, elephants, hippos and variety of birds and fishes. There are natural creations such as the Marshall Cave Systems and the Wikki Springs, the source of the Wikki River which provides cool and clear natural swimming facilities for visitors. Yankari Park contains several archeological preserves including the Dukkey Well System and the Ampara and Shanshau iron smelting works and furnace shafts dating back many centuries.
Yankari provides a variety of accommodations and facilities for visitors, from hostels for youth and budget travelers to chalets with indoor and outdoor sports facilities and a conference hall.

Okomu National Park, Edo State

This Park is the largest of the remaining undisturbed rain-forests in Nigeria. It features over 150 bird species and 33 species of mammals, including forest elephants and the Nigerian White Throated Monkey.
Okomu Eco Resort, part of the National Park, is a favorite place for picnickers and tourists. It has comfortable air-conditioned accommodation for visitors. The resort also has conference and entertainment facilities.


The Oba Rigwa village is a must be spot for any fun seeker. The traditional Igbo “Point and kill” delicacy has been taken to another level here and there is more variety of seafood and game on display.


Aptly called “the New York of Africa’’, Lagos has many entertainment features and in spite of its teeming population, still manages to attract more and more visitors. The Muson Centre hosts a lot of musical events and comedy shows. If you’re in the mood to get wild and party hard, then Fela’sshrine is your traditional red light district.
Badagry is a town for the history lover and also boasts a lot of natural tourist attractions like the suntan beaches and whispering palms lodge.
On the Island, Oniru and Elegushi beaches are places for the nature lovers. The Silverbird Galleria also on the Island and the E- Centre on the mainland are all in one entertainment centers for movies, events and food.
The huge expanse of white-sand dome at Akodo, La Campagne, Whispering Palms among others offer freedom to explore fun at its best without any worries.

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