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How To Get Free Hotel Upgrades

Most people see free hotel upgrades as unattainable, but it’s not. We know how it feels to enjoy the thrill of a great room that costs much more than the price you paid. We have put together some simple tricks to help you get bonus upgrades anywhere, anytime!

#1. Be discreet about it

You don’t want to ask for an upgrade when other guests are around. The front desk officer wouldn’t be delighted to face the chain reaction thereafter. So when you want an upgrade, ask when no one is around and it is best when it is a win-win discussion just between you and the front office.

#2. Never book the cheapest room

Your chances of getting an upgrade are pretty slim when you opt for the cheapest room in the hotel. You don’t have to book the most expensive room to get an upgrade. But booking the cheapest room and then asking for an upgrade is a no-no. The reason is that requesting for a bonus upgrade when you book the cheapest room seems like you are trying to rip off the hotel owners.

#3. Be nice

Hotel staff are human, and you have to be nice to them to enjoy some special treatment as well. Do unto others as you would want them do to you, so goes the saying. Treat the hotel staff with courtesy, and if you know how to crack a joke or two, now is the best time to turn on your sense of humor.

#4. Try a new hotel

Every new hotel wants to grow its customers’ base, and are likely to give concessions to almost every guest. Such hotels are more likely to offer free upgrades just to lure you into their folds.

#5. Keep your stay short

Except by a stroke of magic, you are not likely to get a free upgrade when you are staying for many days or weeks. When you think about it, this should be no surprise because the hotel stands to lose revenue each more day you stay. If you are staying for just a night, the hotel knows they would be able to sell the room at the normal rate once you check out the following day.

#6. Give reasons

Are you celebrating your honeymoon, anniversary or birthday? Let them know. These are your best chances of getting a bonus upgrade.

#7. Be loyal

What about when you are a regular customer? That will almost always get you a free upgrade because you are valued and they are almost certain that you will continue to come back.

#8. Choose hotels that offer complimentary upgrades

If you need bonus upgrade, you have to be smart about your choice of hotels. As part of effort to drive sales, many hotels offer free upgrades to earn customer loyalty. There are quite a number of hotels on the Wakanow portal offering free upgrades as a way of retaining their customers. Aside free upgrades, you can also enjoy other exciting freebies such as Loyalty Rewards when you book with Wakanow.

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