Love in Transit: Stories of Romance on a Trip

In this article you will find:

1. Trend Data on Nigerians and Love

2. The power of a little get-away in a relationship 

You know that feeling where your muscles are tensed and you have to put a little pressure or get a massage to get that release? That’s how taking romantic trips with your lover can be very freeing and healing for your relationship. 

Google trends data shows that Nigeria is currently topping countries searching for love in 2023, and it has been the country searching the most for dating apps worldwide since 2004. Google also adds that Nigerians are actively searching for information and inspiration related to Valentine’s Day, and the insights offer a glimpse into their thoughts and interests.

It does not matter the state of the economy through 2004 – 2024, Nigerians have been highly in search of romantic experiences and romantic relationships of all kinds. 

A research carried out has revealed that 83 percent of Nigerians celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The research undertaken by Picodi surveyed over 5,600 people from 32 different countries, including Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America. According to the research, Nigerians tend to enjoy Valentine’s Day, as four-fifth of them attested to this, which represents 83 percent. The other 17% refuse any form of celebration. What’s most interesting is that the research also disclosed that women preferred a more romantic approach—underwear/lingerie (40%), travel/trip out of town (40%) or simply jewelry (40%). 

So it’s evident, a good number of Nigerians opt for trips to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The best part – with Wakanow, you can be sure that we will hold your hand and guide you through experiencing life and the beauty of travel. 

A quick chat with one of our favorite couples

In the season of self love, platonic and romantic love, we discuss with Miracle and Chiagoziem, about the power of travel and the beautiful tales it has woven for them and their relationship. 

Meet the Love birds

Z: How did you meet each other?

Miracle: “Who is this pretty naive-looking lady presenting her book on Facebook”, Gozie asked sometime in 2019 just before the pandemic. It felt like two worlds apart but he decided to shoot his shot in 2020 and got absolutely no response.

She appeared to be a professional so he decided to give LinkedIn a try, sent her a message on her birthday in 2020, she responded and upon asking for her number, she ghosted yet again.

I’m not certain where this conviction came from but it was definitely strong enough to push him to try again in 2021 on her birthday, and this time, Miracle finally obliged with her number.

He swiftly made his way to the friend list, booked a physical meeting and slowly but intentionally became the love of her life.

I’m not sure what I was looking for or what kinda hard girl I was playing but I’m forever grateful to have opened the door to this amazing man that has completed me in more ways than one.

Gozie: Yes, she has pretty much said it all. She attended a wedding with a mutual friend on Facebook sometime in 2019. I saw the picture update and something struck. I had asked for her number at least two times in 2020 but still got a No. I waited for her birthday in 2021 and this time I got the number. Like they say, the rest is history.

Z: A man who knows what he wants. Love it! So, how long have you been together now?

Miracle: 2 years and 4 months, 1 year of dating and being married. We are one year married now.

The Power of Love and Corny Romantic Getaways

Z: What is love to you as an individual and as a couple?

Gozie: Love to me is not just a feeling but a sense of commitment and responsibility. It’s a continuous effort to be selfless, choose your partner on both the good and bad days and always show up.

As a couple – Can two walk together except they agree?  Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 sums this up. Love is about agreement, unity of purpose, Kindness, helping each other, working together, peace and clear communication.

Miracle: To me, love is constantly waking up each day and choosing to do life with Gozie or Odogwu as I fondly call him.

As a couple, love is choosing peace, choosing each other and constantly putting each other first daily.

Z: You mentioned that love is a sense of commitment, of course I agree with you. Following that, how do you show love and commit to each other according to each other’s love language?

Miracle: Odogwu loves quality time and physical touch. We sometimes go on get-aways to shutdown from the noise of the environment and bond with each other, and with the physical touch…I’ll leave you to your imagination :joy:

Gozie: As for Mimee, she loves surprises, acts of service and intentional gifting. I have tried to incorporate this as often as I can to show how much I appreciate her.

Z: Oshey, Odogwu indeed. So, what’s your favorite thing about each other?

Gozie: Mimee is principled, loves God and has strong family values. It makes a lot of things easier in the journey of our marriage and relationship.

Miracle: Hmmmm, there are tons of things to love about Odogwu but for this, let’s say, the way he genuinely puts me first. In EVERYTHING.

Z: What role has taking vacations and breaks together played in your relationship?

Miracle: Extremely important. Sometimes life can get really busy and stressful, that break that vacations provide is second to none. We also get to learn about different cultures, perspectives and see the world from a broader lens.

Most importantly, try different meals. I’m not the explorer when it comes to this, Odogwu is, but I’m gradually learning.

Gozie: I love quality times, taking time off the hustle and bustle of life to just take a breather, bond with the LOML. We have had quite a number both locally, and out of the country and it’s really massive. The refreshment it brings, the bonding, time off day to day activities. I will strongly recommend this. Also to explore places, food, different activities and culture outside your own.

Z: How often do you travel together or go for getaways? 

Gozie: We try as much as we can when we have the time considering our jobs. We try to have a good mix of both local getaways, and traveling out of the country when the schedule permits.

Miracle: We would love to do it every quarter if schedules permit though. 

Romance in Egypt

Z: I can imagine how healing that would be. So, when was the last time you took a trip together?
Miracle: Our last trip with Wakanow was our honeymoon trip to Egypt. One word to describe it would be PERFECT! I Tried parasailing for the first time, I survived. We enjoyed loads of activities, good food and indeed an all round amazing time. Can’t wait for the next! 

Gozie: It was our first trip to North Africa. Wonderful time getting to understand a different culture, trying a different cuisine, lots of fun activities, Parasailing, Mountain quad bike rides, boat ride etc. 

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